Home is where the heart is. It is not a house or a building; it’s where we are loved without judgment. It’s a place where people understand you and cheer you on. Home is a place of refuge and safety from the outside world. It’s where you go when you’re feeling beat down and defeated. But what if home is not as safe as we imagine? 

Home Invasion Stories


Scary Incident

I was lying in bed watching videos on YouTube when I heard someone fiddling with their lock next door. This was followed by a spell of silence and then a bit of disturbance. Something was wrong.

I tiptoed out of bed and grabbed my M&P 9. I walked towards my front door and I could see a man’s silhouette through the blinds. At this point, I chambered a round. The man proceeded to punch out my screen and started climbing in. By the time I got to the phone to dial 911, the man had his head, one arm and one leg through.

All this time I was screaming “get out of my house; I will defend myself”.

I put the pistol down and went for my Mossberg 500 12 gauge. I racked the slide hoping that the sound would scare the man off. He didn’t budge. With my thoughts racing, I decided to pick up the pistol since I was more comfortable using it. Big mistake! I took my eyes off the target and left myself vulnerable.

Fortunately, he just stared at me and then walked away. 3 minutes later, the police cruisers arrived. They’d only taken 4 minutes to get to my house but it looked like a lifetime. Once I was done with the statements and the cops left, I grabbed my Shield 9 and went to my girlfriend’s house for the night. This was one of my most scary home invasion stories.


Through the Window

Burglars came and broke a window but did not steal anything. I suspect they were trying to test whether I had an alarm system. Since no loss was caused, I did not think much of it and thought it was the kids that had done it while goofing around. However, a few days later, my worst fears became reality as they came back while I was at work and cleaned out the house.


Saved by the Wife

A month ago, my wife had our first child. She handled the whole process unexpectedly well and my respect for her went a notch higher. As fate would have it, she upped the ante last night.

At around 9:00pm, two men managed to break into our home through the window. I was not around at the time and my wife assumed that it was me who’d walked in. The two made it as far as the dining room where my wife was sitting with our newborn.

When she saw them, she immediately realized what was happening and she dashed upstairs with the baby. She put the baby on the bed and grabbed my Ruger SP101. We keep it loaded and accessible for such times. She went back downstairs while warning the burglars that she was armed and ready to fire.

I guess they weighed their options and decided to beat a hasty retreat. They did carry a few things with them, but nothing of note.


Carlo the Wacko

This is one of the home invasion stories that has actually inspired a film. Created by one of the directors of the Blair Witch Project, the film is called Under the Bed. The story started when Michelle Fredenburg-Onion and Carlo Castellanos-Feria met at a hospital where they both worked. It was all good until he started stalking her.

He went as far as making a copy of Michelle’s keys when she left them unattended on her desk. Carlo broke into her home and set up a hidden camera with which he could monitor her movements. Whenever she and her boyfriend came home, he would hide under their bed.

Carlo was a real wacko. He did this for a few days before finally being caught by Michelle’s boyfriend. He was found with a pair of latex gloves, a change of clothes, a power cord and condoms. He was arrested and charged. When police searched his home, they found framed photos of Michelle and a video of her wedding with her ex-husband. If that wasn’t creepy enough, the cops also discovered that Carlo had actually broken into the ex-husband’s house to get these items. He was sentenced to 38 months in prison.


Murder Most Foul

This is one of the most shocking home invasion stories. Lillie and Yleen Kennedy were found brutally murdered in their own home on March 5, 1984 in Houston Texas. The sisters were found by their father. Yleen, the elder sister, had been beaten, raped and stabbed to death. The younger sister, Lillie, had been shot in the head.

The macabre murder of the Kennedy sisters was never solved. At around the time of the murders, a suspicious looking man was seen carrying a duffle bag by a neighbor. Could he be the killer? We will never know.


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