A baby's first words are a matter of great joy for the parents. Whether its “mama” or a random word, there's no denying what a great feeling that is. Naturally, you would like to hear your baby talk more often but you would have to wait until their ability to speak fully develops. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to ensure your baby's language continues to develop. These techniques can help develop your child's language skills in a relatively short span of time. Keep reading to find out what those techniques are.

Ways to Enhance Language Development


Talk More

It's not a secret that babies mimic their parent's behaviors and mannerisms. This applies to your speech patterns too. You should put a big emphasis on pronunciation every time you're around your child. Narrate small everyday events and name common things around them to encourage them to try doing it too. For example, don't just give them a bath, say out loud “I'm going to open the tap, and fill up the tub with warm water.” This may seem a little strange initially but you will eventually get used to it. This technique is one of the most effective ones in developing language skills in young kids.


Read Together

Storybooks are an easy way to help children understand language, sentence framing, and more. Even if you start with simple, short stories, or even picture books, you can gradually move up to longer, bigger books.


Group Setting

Children benefit a lot from being around children of their own age. Parents aren't very keen to organize playdates for children when they're young. However, young kids too can benefit from being around other children that are around their age. 



Bedtime stories are a tradition that serves two purposes. Not only do they help your child fall asleep fast, but also help them develop their language skills. You should aim at reading or create stories that cater to your child's interests and characteristics. This will engage them more, and increase the chances of them catching on to words and phrases.


Use Teaching Aids Effectively

There are plenty of TV shows and other online video contents that are designed to help your baby speak. Some parents can become too reliant on these tools. They leave their kids' development completely to these videos and apps. While the benefits from using technology are obvious, they are merely a tool and parents are still required to put in significant efforts.


Use New Environments and Experiences

To a child, a new sensory experience is a great way to try, learn and understand more elements of the language. A trip to the zoo, for example, will fill her head with plenty of interesting animals whose names she'd like to remember. You can use this technique in some different ways, as it's all about spiking your child's interests.


Play Games

There are plenty of word games that you can play to help improve your child's language skills . As your child starts speaking, he will try to communicate with you as well as repeat things you say. Try and make the most of these interactions. Rhyming games are simple and help develop phonological awareness.

Teaching your children language and effective communication is an essential job. It helps set a base for the child's learning and development. Effective communication is a crucial skill even later in life and the sooner children develop it, the better it is for them. What is your favorite technique to teach your children?

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