Email address is becoming necessarily important among today’s generation. People are considering it as important as their postal address. A person can’t get a mail through internet unless he/she has an email address which makes it necessary for everyone to look for cool email address ideas. Generally people do not pay attention on the username which they are selecting due to this they realize afterwards that the cool email address ideas that they opted is no more attractive instead it is ruining their image and people making fun of them. For example a person with email address

[email protected]

when submitted his email address in his resume then employer got a bad impression. It is better for you to select a cool email addresses according to your profession and avoid these tough situations.

Setting Up Of New Email Address

If you have an email address which is very important for you and for your work but it sounds like a superhero on mission or big Clinton giving a speech then forget about such email address and try to get a new one. After setting up of new cool email addresses, you will notice by yourself that how much happy and exciting you’ll feel whenever you tell email address to people.

Select One Of These Top 10 Email Provider Website

The first step to setting up of email address is to select best email provider website, a person with email @ stupid website dot com would hesitate to give email address to another person. It is best to select cool email addresses provider website for you so that your emails go to right place i.e. in inbox of another person not in the spam box.


This email provider allows you to have number of email address at a time. You may send files not more than 4 MB at a time but if you really want to share files with someone then it has provided cloud service where you can save at most 4 GB of data and share it with anyone you want. You may also get cool email address ideas by using recommendation given by them before signing up or before set up email address.

Zoho Account

It is also very popular among people around the world. Here you can get username of your desire if you try to add special characters with your username. In Gmail you can’t even think to get username of your desire unless you add 4 special characters or numbers.


It is the Microsoft supported email service provider which provides you all services such as email inbox management, forwarding, cc, trash, spam and other services. It is mostly used for official work such as business email address and work related email address because management of email in it is very easy and works best on windows operating system.


It is very old American email provider service; people love to make account on it as it provides you to chat with community, group or individual. It does not use very impressive graphics but the quality of service provided by it is very good.


The icloud email provider is owned by Apple Company. It is only be accessed by people those have iphone. People those have email address on icloud also generally have email address from other service provider because icloud cannot be accessed from other device than iphone. Recently celebrities’ pictures leaked from icloud due to which people’s faith have been decreased on it.


It provides services to chat, communicate, FAQs, profile surfing, etc. The email provider gives you the best service with ultimate graphics. User can change basic theme of email address, background and profile picture. A person may send any file size up to 14 MB. Here you should try different names as suggested below to get cool email addresses. It provides two types of email addresses

[email protected]


[email protected]


It is also one of the best email address service providers which provide you free email service with nice graphics and email handling services. Numbers of options are available like other email services such as read, create and reply, forwarding, cc and others.


This email service provider provides a huge disc space on the provider’s website to save a lot of emails, documents and photos. There is about 30GB of space available for user and a person can share them online as well which makes it easy handling mail service.

My Way

In My Way emails you may find extra features of automatic forwarding that you can notice in Gmail. Here one can easily manage his/her email and get email according to his/her wish by changing the name of domain provider such as @ so that you may generate easily cool email addresses. But you should be careful before selecting a domain name for you email.

Tips In Order Get A Coolest Email Address


Suggestions For A Username

After selecting a correct email service provider you should then look for a username. If you name is very much attractive such as David or John then you may simply use it by adding some digits to it like your birth such as

[email protected]

so that you can get cool email addresses. You may also visit some website which can generate username for you according to your wish so that you will get cool email address ideas from there.


Using Numeric Digits

If you find it difficult to use your desired username then it is suggested that you should use some numeric digits with it. If you want cool email addresses then you must not use long digit number. For example you selected john smith but it is not available then try using some digits but not random digits it should have some meaning. Like if birth day of john come in 8th month of the year so he used

[email protected]


Register Your Own Domain

It is the best way to generate business email address by registering a domain name with your business then creating a business email address with that domain name. If you are interested to get email which says

[email protected]

then you need to register your own domain with the name of this would provide you the access to generate emails with your own domain name which could be an interesting method to get cool email addresses.

About Yourself

These days email providers are providing services for everyone to see profile such as profile picture, professional details and personal details unless you hide them. After getting cool email addresses one never knows who and when someone would look at his/her profile so it is better to fill about you carefully.

Selecting A Picture

If you are not using any picture then use it because it shows your identity. You may select a picture according to the use of your email address. For example if you use email address only for work then it is recommended that you should use a professional picture cropped till your waist.


Personal Details

You should update your personal details only if it is necessary so that you do not need to hide them. Hackers generally use this information available online to hack bank accounts so do not provide your too much personal details to people.



Your email should not necessarily show your profession. If you are running a business then you should set up business email address. It is not necessary that if you are a doctor then you should wear stethoscope in profile picture. You may use any decent picture for your profile.

Increasing Security of Your Email

After selecting username and developing cool email addresses you should also take care about its security so that no one can easily crack into your email id.

Selecting Security Question(S)

Most of the email providers ask you to select security question so that in future if someone try to hack your account then you may change the password by giving answer of security question you selected earlier.


Add Mobile Numbers To Your Email Account

By adding up of you mobile number provides your email address an extra security while you set up email address. You may restrict permission accessible only if one time generated password on your mobile is typed while signing in.

Final Words


There are hundreds of email providers available online and one can easily make email id but you should select username, email provider and profile picture such that it do not look odd to others after selection of cool email addresses. By selecting appropriate email id you make an identity online. We wish you best of luck for choosing cool email addresses for you.


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