It’s always fun to head out with your friends for a night of mayhem or a chill get-together, but every now and then it’s great to just be by yourself and relax the night or weekend away. Netflix can be your savior when it comes to limited plans or when you’ve no energy to get all dolled up to meet up with your friends, but it can only go so far. Binge-watching season after season of TV isn’t doing you any favors except for building your repertoire of TV show trivia.

Fun Things to Do by Yourself

There are a number of fun things to do that don’t cost anything (or very little), can be fun, and will help you get to know yourself.


This tip may sound like it could be a boring nightmare and it could end up that way; all travel adventures can either end up as a total nightmare or something really great. Either way, you’ll have an amazing story (or stories) to tell your friends and family. Traveling by yourself doesn’t have to be as daunting as it seems, and it doesn’t have to be a trip over to Bali or to Australia all by your lonesome. The plane ride itself can get a little grating on your nerves and your one-on-one adventure. Start with a day out to a local town just outside your city, or hop a quick border (if possible) for the weekend. Getting out and seeing what the world has to offer, while learning more about yourself at the same time, can be a great time.


Bake Something…Anything!

Ever notice how it’s (almost) more fun to bake something than just to sit and eat cookie after cookie? It’s that feeling of gathering up all the ingredients, mixing everything together with your own hands, and then waiting for the finishing result. Granted it’s a great result, you end up giving yourself a little pat on the back and a feeling of happiness at a job well done. Baking can be a great way to relax, adding it to your list of fun things to do by yourself.


Re-Organize Your Closet

Just a second…reorganizing your closet really can be fun. Go through your entire closet, your summer wardrobe, your winter wardrobe, and the clothes that fall in the middle of the two seasons. Reach way into the back of your closet, bringing out those weird phases you had in College that you…for some reason…held onto for all of these years. Get rid of anything that you clearly won’t be wearing anytime soon (tube tops should never have been a thing) and start pinning everything you need to build your new, improved wardrobe! Unless you take a trip down memory lane, going through your closet may not be under the category of fun things to do by yourself, but pinning new outfit ideas definitely is!


Enjoy a Good Book

How long has it been since you sat down and just read a good book? If you can’t remember, then it’s been way too long. With smartphones and Netflix ruling everyone’s life, nowadays people have almost been cut off from books. But reading a book can improve your attention span (try not to check your phone for the entire time you’re reading) and help you unwind. Reading before bed is so much better than looking at a bright light (aka your phone) right before winding down and falling asleep. Pick up that book you’ve been trying to get through the last few months and finally devour it all!


Head Out for a Walk

Head outside to clear your mind and breathe in some fresh air. It’s great for your body and mind, giving you the exercise your body needs and craves. Going out for a simple walk around the block, or out to the park for a jaunt around the paths and trails, can do wonders for your psyche. Any problems and issues your body and mind has been stressing over for days can be pondered on your walk, and eventually, disappear. No need to be a brisk walker in a jogging suit and tiny dumbbells, you can leave that up to the herd of suburban moms out for their after-dinner stroll.


People Watch

Not only is it Parisians favorite pastime, but it’s a great way to spend a few hours. Maybe best of all. You don’t need anyone with you on this one to have a good time. There are lots of fun things to do by yourself, but people watching is one that gets you out of the house and as close to socializing as you will get while spending time with yourself. Head to a restaurant or café, order a coffee or light snack, and just watch all the couples, friends, other lonesome people watchers out and about. You may learn a lot more about your neighborhood than you would have expected.


Do an At-Home Spa

Is there anything more relaxing than taking a bath? So you’re home alone and wondering what you can do during your spare time. Go ahead and rejoice in the alone time and draw yourself a bath, adding in salts, bubbles, essential oils and bath bombs. Relaxing at home and enjoying your own company can be more exciting and fun than heading out for a night on the town. Or, it can be a nice way to un-wind after a weekend night spent on the town.


Try a Few Face Masks

What can be more fun than sitting at home, having a girl’s night and doing a few face masks? Instead of inviting the girls over for a marathon of face masks, wine and gossip, which eventually leads to a late night and bags under your eyes the next day, try it solo. For obvious reasons, feel free to fill up that wine glass! Grab a couple of face masks from your drugstore, or try getting some fancy ones from the department store to make it a little more exciting. Your skin will feel amazing and you’ll be refreshed! Hands down, face masks are one of the best fun things to do by yourself!


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