For humans, it's pretty hot sitting in full sun all day long. For our plants well, some can take it and some shrivel up and die—or at least close to it. When the temperature is upwards of 90 degrees, it doesn't matter whether it is humid or dry heat. While we have air conditioning to soothe us—the plants have to adapt.

However, when it comes to full sun flowers, there are several great choices that will thrive in full sunlight exposure. The flowers of them are really charming!

Annual Full Sun Flowers



These are very similar to Amaranth. They are in the same family and give the most incredible blooms of yellow and red. When they are in full bloom they look like flames. The bloom period is lengthened because they bloom from the bottom up. One of the best thing about them is they are hybrids when you get them most of the time and you never know exactly what color you will get and there are also some differences in each one.



These full sun flowers are an interesting group. Some of them are grown for the look and some are grown for food. The name means Lovely's Bleeding and they produce a cone shape of lavender blooms. They can be grown low to the ground or upwards of 8 feet tall.



These are an aggressive seeder but not an issue as far as them taking over. They bloom like crazy and they keep coming to the last minute. They are a yellow, orange and white as well as all sorts of crazy pastels. It is really a treat to go out and find what has come up next.


Cup Flower

These are great edging plants that come out in a purple color. They are short and don't take a lot of care. You can plant them and pretty much let them go on their own apart from the normal garden maintenance. These are another bunch that just keep coming. You have to like lavender because their color stays stable throughout. 



This is a really beautiful flower that blooms a cluster of pretty colorful flowers. It is a bit of a lanky bush that has no determined shape. Each one is a little different and where you put it will train it into a shape. The blooms are also pleasantly unpredictable whereas they will come out in bi or tricolors. 

Perennial Full Sun Flowers


Broad Leaf Purple Cone Flower

This is a daisy looking flower except they are lavender in color and the little leaves around the center kind of lean back in a laid back bohemian sort of fashion. One interesting addition they will make to your garden is birds are totally addicted to the seeds and as challenging as it may be, they will balance themselves on the tender leaves to get at them.



This is a light purple flower in a cone shape and will smell wonderful. It is ideal for a walkway. It is almost as easy to care for as a cactus plant because it will last on those days you forget to water it. It can be planted nearly anywhere and though it is not a weed it grows as easily.



If you are looking for a great vermin repellant such as the squirrel you may want to consider this one. It not only produces balls of fragrant flowers that look like pom-poms they have a garlic taste that critters don't like. So, this is ideal to place in front of your tomato plants or vegetable garden because it is at least a deterrent that looks nice. 



These full sun flowers are beautiful and look like majestic bottle brushes. There are so many bottle brush types but this one is quite the star of the bunch. It is a hardy plant and will come back better than before next year if properly cared for and the soil also properly cared for. Nothing fancy, just normal garden maintenance.


How to better grow perennial full sun flowers:


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