Skinny is now being replaced by healthy, toned and strong bodies. It seems that the masses are now in favor of having a body that reflects health and wellness rather than a body that is slim but unhealthy. The fashion industry, nowadays, also advocates this as this can also help in improving self-image of women, especially young girls.

From Thinness to Fitness: The New Sexy Trend


Eat a healthy diet

Munching on healthy proteins can help you build stronger and bigger muscles. If you have an increased muscle mass, you burn more calories at rest as a result. It is also important to pair your proteins with vegetables and fruits as they supply the necessary nutrients needed by your body, for a healthier you inside and out.



Nobody can get the body they want with idleness and laziness. It always takes a lot of determination and dedication to get to the gym, and in the end it is worth all the effort. Muscle building and toning cannot be achieved without muscle straining activities. Try lifting weights to strengthen your muscles and improve bone density. Also, the bones rely on resistance training to stay strong and healthy.


Here are a few exercises for you to try:

  •  Dumbbell lunge

Hold a dumbbell in one hand next to the shoulder, with the arm bent. Step forward the leg on the same side as the arm holding the dumbbell. Lower the body until the knee is bent at a 90 degree angle and the other knee nearly touches the floor. Push the body back up, doing the other leg, while holding the dumbbell on that side too. This exercise strengthens the glutes, traps, delts, hamstrings and quads.

  • Scaption and shrug

A great-looking fitness model should have great posture and beautiful shoulders. This exercise will give both. Stand with both hands holding a pair of dumbbells, with both feet standing apart at shoulder-width. Next, let the dumbbells hang at arm’s length to the sides with the palm facing each other. Raise both of the arms parallel to the floor at a 30-degree angle to the body, forming a “Y”. Next, shrug the shoulders upward. Let it stay that way for a second. Return to step 1 and repeat the process.

  • Band-assisted chin-up

This type of exercise targets the upper body by strengthening and toning it. Loop a SuperBand around a chin-up bar and pull the other end of the band. Grab the bar at shoulder-width, with an underhand grip. Place the knees in the loop of the band and hang at arm’s length. Pull the top of the chest to the bar. Slowly lower the body back down and repeat.

  • McGill curlup

This targets the entire abdominal muscle complex without putting a strain on the spine, as it maintains the lower back in an arched position. Lie on a flat position on the floor, together with the right leg. Bend the left knee with the left foot flat on the floor. Place both hands with palms flat on the floor under the natural arch of the lower back. Slowly raise the head and shoulders, without bending the lower back. Pause for 8 seconds, while breathing deeply. Repeat 6 times and switch legs.


Love yourself

Loving yourself and your body is important to make you feel comfortable and confident in your own skin. Take care of yourself, nourish your body with healthy food that will give energy and vibrancy. Never forget to laugh because laughter is sexy too. Being you is sexy.

Acceptance of beauty in different shapes and sizes is essential in encouraging people to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Remember that a healthy body never goes out of style.

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