Most of the time men come to mind when one thinks of sexual predators. This is not always the case, though. Many cases throughout history have shown that there are women sex offenders as well. They are tough to identify as they do not fall into the nice stereotypes that male sex offenders do.

7 Female Sex Offenders


Jennifer Rice

Female sex offenders may be teachers as well. An elementary teacher, Rice became fixated on one of her 11 year old students. During the time she had illicit email exchanges and movie dates with the child. The dad became concerned and forbade any further contact.

This action caused Rice to kidnap the child. She was planning on taking him out of state and had raped him at a rest stop. During her investigation, it was discovered that she had also assaulted the boy's older brother. She was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison without parole.


Sarah Hopkins

Hopkins was sentenced to 12 years in prison on three accounts of rape and two of sodomy. She was the child's neighbor and they spent much time together. They would go on long walks and he would spend time in her apartment.

The boy eventually told his mom about the 8-month ordeal during which they watched pornography together and had sexual relations. His mom promptly had Hopkins arrested. Police even think she may have done this with other young boys as well.


Ashley Jessup

One of the most frightening women sex offenders is Jessup. She was sentenced to life in prison on the charge of 2 accounts of raping a child under 13 years of age, one account of endangering children, and one count of pandering sexually-oriented matter involving a minor.

Jessup had created a sex tape of her performing oral sex on her 10 month old son and fondling his genitals on her boyfriend's request. Her boyfriend and she enjoyed exchanging sexually explicit images and video through emails and he wanted one of her with her son.


Courtney Reschke

Currently serving 20 years in prison, Courtney was charged with six counts of lewd conduct. This is only the tip of the iceberg for her accusations.

She was suspected of luring 8 young boys who were friends with her child to her home using Facebook and text messaging. During these “sex parties” she would get them drunk and sexually assault them.

Over all she was charged with 11 counts of lewd conduct with a minor, 2 accounts of child abuse, and 7 misdemeanors for giving alcohol to minors. She pleaded not guilty to all of these before plea bargaining to be sentenced for only 6 accounts of lewd conduct.


Barbara Ellen Kirby

Accused of drugging and rapping a 12 year old and a 13 year old, Kirby is now on the list of female sex predators. The 12 year old stated that she gave him a drink that made him feel dizzy so he went to lay down. A bit later Kirby and a gentleman came in to have him smoke some marijuana before he passed out. When he awoke, Kirby was taking off his clothes and hers. He got up as quickly as he could and left. Later when they met again, Kirby even threatened that she would kill the boy if he said anything about this.

A few weeks later, a 13 year old boy came to the police with a similar story. Only he was already naked when he awoke. Then Kirby start kissing and fondling the boy. He left as soon as he could. Later Kirby admitted to having sex with the 12 year old, but only after he repeatedly requested it.


Daresa Deann Poe

Poe is accused of having sex with a student. Both her story and the students match. They both admit to having sex on several occasions in the teacher's lounge and other locations around town.

Poe wrote a statement that said she is a wife, mother, and a teacher. She admits to the accusations and says she is deeply sorry. She states that it was a bad decision on her part, but it has been made.


Joy Morsi

Female sex offenders may be respected women in your community, but not for long. A gym teacher, Joy Morsi had admitted to having sexual sessions with two 16 year old students.

Over a one year span, Morsi had several sexual encounters including emails sending raunchy photos with a student she was helping improve his weight for wrestling. It was said that she lured the student to some hidden closet and had oral sex on him. When she had a falling out with the student because he took another girl to prom, Morsi had sexual relations with another student.

Her sexual endeavors were discovered by one of her sexual partner's female friends. This friend immediately took the information she had found to the authorities. Morsi's doctor states that she suffers from a depressive disorder.


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