Hypertrophy, or muscle growth, is regarded as the development of muscles’ mass, their shape, density and function as well. When it comes to men, their workout routines bring results faster than that of women. This is why many females believe that they should train like men. Dear ladies, this is the last thing you should turn to! A woman’s body produces more estrogen than man’s, thus women have more benefits over men when it comes to gym. While training is essential to consider the differences in anatomy, metabolism, physiology, neurology, women and men are not the same, so they should not diet and train the same way.

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Do Women Live Up to the Potential?

There’s a reason why we don’t really see many muscular women around us – they just don’t live up to their potentials:

1. Today women are not presented in the gym and sports as greatly as men are. Even when various trials and researches are held, the number of female participants is limited;

2. Most women don’t work out seriously while in the gym: they usually spend time on the treadmill or play with the dumbbells, but rarely do cardio or any weight training;

3. Some women try to train like men and don’t use their potentials. With quite different physiological strength, they fail in their attempts and see no obvious results;

4. They never have really high expectations: low self-esteem and lack of experience make them look weird during workouts.


Weight Training and Cardio: Separately or Together?

During the workout for muscle growth, a woman should do weight training separately from cardio. Why? It is proven that too much cardio training can eat muscles. So, after having your weight training done, never turn to cardio.

In fact, there are many things to be said about cardio. For example, it mustn’t be done on an empty stomach: This kind of activity will surely break down the muscles and results will never be visible. Before the workout it’s important to have a rather small breakfast and then keep the sessions short, yet intense.

A short cardio interval style is the best option both for beginners and experienced sportsmen. Spend around 20 minutes three or four times a week on high intensity cardio. The activity of this kind will burn down the fat and will rev up the entire body 24/7.


Do Muscle-Building Supplements Really Work?

They surely do, if they are female friendly! We offer you to look through the list of such friendly options and choose the ones that your body needs the most.

  • Creatine: Today it is one of the top trendy supplements and a very essential part of a workout plan. Creatine works by promoting your success in performance, strength and fat-free mass. It’s one of the supplements that help in making the body look full by the end of the workout.

  • Protein: Consuming more protein gets you on a fast way to your muscle gain. We suggest refusing protein powder but turning to healthy protein that is in steak, chicken and other food.

  • Arginine: It’s the gas that is produced by your body in order to dilate blood vessels. When the vessels get wider, they allow more blood and thus promote muscle nutrition. Some specialists suggest taking Arginine.

  • Zinc: Zinc is the element that is involved in the synthesis of protein. It influences muscle growth greatly! When its amounts aren’t enough, gaining results is pretty tough.


A List of 5 Products that Make My Muscles Grow

When I decided to grow muscles and become fit, I reviewed thousands of female muscle growth stories and the first point that was always highlighted was a balanced and healthy diet. So, the next point in my to-do list is selecting the necessary products required for muscle growing. Besides, I have to eliminate the consumption of foods which stimulate fat storage in the organism. Proper nutrition helped me gain even more muscle mass even without more intensive training. The most complicated issue I faced at this stage was smart muscle gaining with balanced workout and healthy diet. Though, at last, I managed to single out 10 products that provided me with all the necessary ingredients to increase my muscle mass and boost my strength and endurance.

Even though some foods may differ depending on a person, my list of preferable products contained the following products:

  • Fruits and vegetables are the core of my breakfasts and snacks. They stimulate proper functioning of the immune system, and are rich in antioxidants and other nutrients, including vitamins C, E and beta-carotene.

  • Cottage cheese helps me gain body muscle mass the most. It is full of pure casein protein that is ideal for muscle maintaining. Besides, it contains Vitamin B12 and calcium that keep the bones strong and healthy. However, my advice here is to purchase non-fat or, at least, low-fat cheese for a better result.

  • Lean beef is the main product you should take if you are striving to grow muscles. I eat lean beef once every two days and now I regret nothing. The product contains all the nutrients conducive to muscle gaining, such as zinc, iron, B-vitamins, protein, amino acid, etc. So, while I receive all the inevitable components for effective muscle growing, I gain no extra calories. What can be better?

  • Chicken breast works approximately like beef, as it is an incredible source of protein and is indispensable for muscle growing, maintenance and repair. Additionally, all these ingredients help me balance my weight.

  • Eggs are also a part of my breakfast, as they have all the nutrients required for an active muscle gaining process. Vitamin D, choline, amino acids, right fats and surely protein – all these ingredients help me stay satiated and toned during the day.

While working on building muscle mass a woman should also have some days off. Intense training and exhausting workouts should be kept to 3-4 times per week. At least one day should be chosen for complete rest and relaxation. Body muscles need it badly to regain strength and heal after cardio and weight training.

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