Math is about practical applications in solving sums and equations. It is not just memorization of formulae and equations. It is the strategic solving of math problems, which helps one do math with ease. Here are some practice tips for acing math exam.

Part 1


Picking up the important chapters

Though all the math chapters are important, some top the list for their repeated occurrence in exam papers. Picking up such chapters and concentrating on those topics will definitely help on any assessments.


Reviewing homework problems

By reviewing homework problems, one would be able to assess his knowledge in the subject, the areas wherein he has the strength and the areas he needs to put in more effort. It is an easy method of revision as well, as when one reviews sums already done.


Doing more problems which are similar to homework problems

By doing so, one expands his knowledge in the topics and gains confidence to attend similar problems in the exam paper.


Revising previous year papers

Previous year question papers are of much help as they guide one in ascertaining exam paper patterns, his familiarity with questions, and a knowledge of the repeated sums.


Joining some group study

Study groups help one clear the doubts that arise in the last moment and exchange ideas for better clarification in topics.


Starting exam preparation well in advance

Piling the chapters upon one another would lead to frustration and lack of understanding. Prior preparation with a well charted plan would help a student ace math exams.


Practicing various sums

Doing sums repeatedly of various categories would familiarize a student with the complexities and intricacies of the problems and help him face any sum on the exam paper without fear.


Mock tests and practice sheets

Students could sit for mock tests, which are like the real exam papers with the same time structure, to strategize their time management, practice tips and study methods. It also helps them know how to take the real exam and what necessary precautions they need to undertake.


Flash cards of formulae and equations

Learning all math formulae and equations from the text would be a long process. Flash cards prepared beforehand in this regard would help the students have a quick glance at them before the day of the exam.


Relaxation and good amount of sleep

Only a gifted few could sit with math sums for hours together. Otherwise, it is advisable to have short breaks in between, have some entertaining activity and come back to the schedule. Healthy food and good amount of sleep are also necessary for keeping oneself fit for taking the exams.


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