They say the eyes are the windows to the soul and can reveal your true feelings about others. Do you believe it? Is it really possible that the eyes become a portal and show what you feel about someone? Have you ever wondered why your eye pupils contract or dilate? Have you ever heard of dilated pupil attraction? You may definitely have several questions but you may be surprised to know the answers.

Are Dilated Pupils an Attraction Sign?

Yes, dilated pupils are a sign of attraction.

It is true that your pupils contract and dilate when they are exposed to light, and this mechanism helps you see better in different light conditions. Does this mean dilated pupil attraction is a myth? Of course not. The truth is that your pupils also dilate or contract when you see something that you like or do not like. Your eye pupils dilate when you like something and feel excited to see it. Quite interestingly, your pupils may dilate up to three times their size when you see someone who is physically very attractive. This dilation occurs involuntarily and you can do nothing to control your pupils when making the eye contact. The interesting thing is that when your pupils dilate and express your arousal, they also trigger an automatic arousal in the other person as well.

Are We Attracted to Dilated Pupils?

Yes, it tells a lot about dilated pupils’ attraction. Larger and dilated pupils are considered more attractive than smaller ones. When you see someone with pupils dilated, you are more likely to think them attractive.

Studies confirmed that men find big eye pupils more attractive, but it is a bit different for women who tend to like medium or big sized pupils. Women usually associate bigger pupils with "bad boy" types of guys. It is due to this particular reason that many advertising companies enlarge the pupils of models when they publish their pictures on magazines to tempt women.

The dilated pupils' attraction may help to explain why couples are more likely to feel romantic when they sit in dim lights. These lights automatically dilate your pupils as well as your partner's to make both of you look attractive and interested in each other.

How Can You Make Your Pupils Dilated?

You may have gathered the idea that dilated pupils attraction theory is very much true, but you may be wondering if there are ways to take advantage of it. Yes, there are ways to dilate your pupils. For instance:

  • Having a closer look at a picture of a sexy woman will dilate your pupils and make them look larger. See a sexy woman's picture and then look back at a woman to impress her with your dilated pupils.

  • Look at her breasts, lips, ass, or lips to make you feel excited (do it while she is looking away). You can even imagine doing something sexy to her to make your pupils look bigger.

  • Take the girl of your dream to a restaurant for a candle light dinner. When the light is low, your pupils tend to get bigger.

  • Do something scary to make your pupils look bigger. A walk in a scary place will do the trick.

  • Focus on something far away and your pupils will get bigger in order to see more clearly.

More Attraction Signals to Look Out For

Now that you truly understand that art of dilated pupils attraction, you may also want to learn a bit more about other attraction signals involving your eyes. Here is what you need to know:

Signals Involving Eyes

Blink Rate: When someone seems interested in a person or topic, his/her blink-rate will decrease. On the other hand, an increased blink-rate usually indicates the person has lost interest in something.

Gaze Time: In the United States, the accepted length of time for two people to maintain eye contact is about 7 seconds. It is possible to extend it during intimate encounters. If someone extends a gaze more than 7 seconds, he/she is attracted towards you.


Hair Playing

Seeing a woman play with her hair may definitely be a sign of attraction, but it may say much more. How she plays with her matters. If she is playing with her hair with palm facing out, this is definitely an attraction signal. However, she may be anxious if she plays with her hair with palm facing out or with palm conceal from view. If she is just fixing her hair or is pulling hair away from neck, do not take it as an attraction signal.


Postural Tilt

Pay attention to the posture of someone you meet to tell if they are interested in you. You simply need to consider postural tilt for it. If they are leaning into you, the chances are they are attracted to you.


Legs Crossing

It is usually a sign of comfort, but you need to pay attention to the uppermost leg and its direction to tell if someone is attracted to you. If they are, the uppermost leg will be pointing towards you.



It is true that swallowing usually indicates high stress, but it also tells a bit about what others feel about you. If someone is swallowing while making eye contact with you, the chances are they are deep into you already.


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