Love knows no age limits. When you find the one and if you happen to be a few years older than your younger partner, that shouldn't really matter. It's not uncommon for many women to date younger men and many men prefer to date older women, but what should you know about dating with a younger man? There are some challenges you may face in your relationship and this article will give you some tips and suggestion on what to expect.

Some Don'ts You Should Pay Attention to When Dating a Younger Man


Don't Dress like your younger.

While you might think dressing like a 20 something will make you look more like a 20 something-year-old, you will actually make yourself look older. Embrace the clothing that is age appropriate for your age but don't be afraid to show off your curves. Just because you are an older woman doesn't mean you have to keep everything hidden. You probably have more sex curves now than you did in your 20's.


Don't party like your 20.

Chances are your younger guy is interested in you because you don't want to go out and party all the time. You don't have to suddenly want to go out and drink after work or stay out all weekend. Not only is this not what he wants, you will regret it. Your body won't be able to bounce back as quickly from a night of drinking as it did when you were 20.


Don't be his mother.

You may be older than him but you don't need to act like his mother. Avoid having to correct his grammar all the time or question whether he knows all his facts when he's having a conversation, and do not wipe his mouth for him. If you remind him of how his mom would treat him, then he's not going to be too eager to jump into bed with you.


Don't pay all the time.

You may feel more responsible and like you should pay for everything, but this won't make him feel like a man. When dating a younger man, you might find yourself out in places you may have never thought to go and you may show him some new places as well. Consider alternating who pays - if it’s a place he has picked’ then he pays; if it is a place you picked; then you pay.


Don't be too dominating.

When it comes to sex, there's a good chance you will know a bit more than he does in the bedroom. While your younger man might like that you take control and know what you're doing, he doesn't want to feel like he doesn't know what he's doing. Guide him to try the things you like while also being open to the things that will please him.


Don't boast too much.

Yes, you have probably accomplished more than he has, but you don't want to constantly be references everything you have done. With a younger man, you want to be careful not to make him feel more insecure than he probably already is because he might not have everything figured out yet, or that he hasn't accomplished everything he would like to yet.


Don't get jealous of younger women.

Being catty to younger women is a huge turn-off. Don't get jealous of the younger women who may be around when you go out with your guy. Your age is what has attracted him to you, so don't feel insecure about it.


Don't try to change your body.

Older women have curves and that is part of what makes them so sexy. Don't start to feel insecure about your body and try to slim down too much. For a younger guy, he wants the sexy curves.


Don't forget you were that age too.

When dating a younger man, you might secretly start judging him. His finances might not be in perfect order, his apartment might not be kept clean all the time and his resume needs some work. Remember that you were that age too once and your life wasn't always in perfect order.


Don't keep your kids a secret.

Your kids should be your pride and joy, so why wouldn't you tell you guy about them. Trying to keep the fact that you have kids a secret is dishonest and is not something you can keep up forever. While you may not be comfortable to introduce your kids to your younger guy just yet, he should know that they are a part of your life.

What to Do Then


Be open-minded.

Your younger guy will add some excitement to your life. He will often have a different view on life and will be eager to show you places and things you would never have imagined. Remain open-minded about how different your generations act and embrace some of the things he is showing you.


Know the modern day trends or fashion that appeal to you.

You don't want to just be interested in everything from his generation, but you do want to be in the loop. While you want to keep your vintage appeal, you also want to look modern which will result in you looking more attractive to a younger man.


Share your knowledge.

While you don't want to boast about everything you have ever accomplish, you do want to share your experiences with him. When dating a younger man, one of the most attractive things about you is your knowledge and experiences. Your younger guy can learn a lot by hearing some of the things you've been through and that's what he wants.


Be confident.

One of the biggest difference between you and the 20 years old's is your confidence. Your younger guy is probably interested in dating an older woman because they are more comfortable being themselves and are mature enough to have confidence in themselves. Be confident with your age, lifestyle and everything else about yourself.


Be patient.

When you decide to date a younger guy, you want to wait for them to come to you. Don't go out looking for a younger man unless you want to be looked at as a cougar. Instead, be patient and indirect with your approach.


Let him have his friends.

The two of you are going to have a lot of difference and you don't always have to go along with the stuff he likes. Let him enjoy his own interests and enjoy them with his friends.


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