In the list of the most dangerous creatures in the world, it is unlikely to find a bird among the top 10 in the listing. Well, this may not be a reason to state that birds are not dangerous. Most people regard birds as friendly but it is only correct to say that most of the birds out of the 10,000 available birds’ species are not harmful in any way. Again, it is important to state that there are dangerous birds and here is just a list of top ten dangerous ones.

Top 10 Dangerous Birds



Falcons are deadly birds listed among the dangerous birds. A Falcon’s ability to hunt is not only a threat to fish and small rodents, but also to human beings. These are birds that can inflict harm on human's spinal cord when he stands on its way to get hold of its prey. Man has been involved in efforts of taming the bird to help him do some hunting activities. So anyone should be careful because of its deadly beak and hooked claws.



The eagle has unique qualities that make it able to perform dangerous activities on whatever it considers to be an enemy or food to prey on. The eagle has sharp eyesight that helps it spot its target even when far out of your sight. Its strong beak and talons make it a very dangerous bird as it pounces on its prey or an enemy. Additionally, it is very strong and can carry several-pound items. Eagle is also very aggressive in a way.



The vulture’s deadly nature is not only linked to its talons and strong beak to tear flesh. A vulture’s acidic stomach makes it survive among all kinds of creatures. Whether attacked by viruses or bacteria, the vulture can comfortably consume such kind of flesh that other creatures would be adversely affected by. It can pounce aggressively on corpses and even drag anything that is acutely unhealthy. Their urine has a strong anti-bacterial effect which can kill contaminated filth. Even if a vulture is domesticated, humans should be wary of it.



Like other dangerous birds, an ostrich standing 9 Ft. tall with a weight of about 350 pounds is a frightening sight. It’s the biggest bird you will ever come across and it is still dangerous. Humans should be careful dealing with an ostrich because of its impulsive nature. Its abilities to run fast and kick to kill define its dangerous characteristics. It is important to note that they have sharp talons. Since an ostrich can kill a hyena, human beings should be wary of these birds especially when children play about with it.



Ranked as the most dangerous bird in the entire universe, the cassowary’s claws are the most dangerous especially when it pounces on a human being. The second talon has a claw attachment about 5 inches long which can seriously tear a man to death. Cassowary has very powerful legs with an ability to kick dogs and even human beings in a violent way. It can run at a very high speed which is comparable to that of an ostrich.



Similar in appearance to an ostrich, the rhea has a height of about 4-5 Ft. With a weight of between 60 to 90 lbs, this bird has mighty and strong legs. While it looks harmless from far, human beings should not believe that it is calm natured. It can attack humans when they go next to it by giving them very hard blows and kicks. Its 6-inch long talons can give humans a very harmful pounce which will cause fatal bruise. It can use its legs and beak to inflict pain on humans.



As it is the nature of many birds, swan is usually peaceful. But the truth is that they are naturally aggressive. Their aggressive nature helps them defend their abodes from any potential threat. They charge human beings or any other threatening creature using a lot of force. They can beat people with the strong wings and peck them with their beaks. The mute swans dwell in the community lakes and the park ponds and can attack humans very easily.



It is rare to come across an owl during the day. Essentially, it is a nocturnal bird and can seriously attack human beings only if human invade its territory. However, it can also attack on other occasions. The owl can inflict pain on human beings by using its sharp beak and strong talons. Barred owls are known for their 4 feet wingspan which makes them fly swiftly. When humans intrude into the barred owl's dwelling, it can be very hostile and its attack can cause bad wounds through its claws and beak.


Herring Gull

The herring gull is an aggressive bird that attacks any other creatures attempting to intrude its dwelling. It is commonly found in the garbage deposit areas. In such areas, they frequently battle with human beings. Well, humans should be careful of the herring gull because of its 6 feet wingspan and sharp beaks. These gulls can easily snatch food from human beings and that is why people should be careful while eating in such places where they have inhabited. They will not only attack when intruded, but also when it sees food.


Australian Magpie

From its feeding tendencies, the Australian magpie is usually inoffensive like other dangerous birds. Its prey are normally invertebrates living on the ground. However, it is very dangerous when it comes to protecting its territory. It has 3 feet wingspan which makes it a dangerous bird when it wants to attack. They are known to be dangerous to man since they attack in pairs when they feel defenseless. They mainly attack human’s face and head. The attack can cause serious injuries on the eyes and the head from their beaks and claws.


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