New York City is the most populous city in the USA and attracts a lot of people from all parts of the world. The population of the city is estimated to be about 8.4 million and is also considered to be the gateway for immigration legally into the US. New York City is considered to be a global power city and the major activities of the city include finance, commerce, art, fashion, media, entertainment, technology, research and also education.

Best Nursing Schools in New York

Best Nursing Schools

Across the state, post-secondary level of education is overseen by the State University of New York. New York City also has its own university, the City University of New York. There are a number of well-established and reputed public and private institutions which provide the best in global education across all fields of study.

When it comes to studies in nursing, New York City is home to some of the best schools in nursing, with a number of schools also being located in the state. In fact, when it comes to choosing a nursing school in the state, the choice often proves to be a difficult one, given both the vast number of options and the many variables surrounding nursing study.

Schools which are located in the city have the best of the urban environment and pose all of the benefits as well as the disadvantages of being in such a populous environment. While there are plentiful of public transportation options, it will be difficult to own a private vehicle while in school in New York. Some of the other disadvantages of being located in the city include an increased crime rate as also extreme over-crowdedness.

However, the nursing schools have a number of hospitals to partner with in the city and thus these schools have a huge benefit of being able to offer hands on-experience to students. The city has some of the world’s most well-known nursing schools and universities.

Some of the best and most highly rated nursing schools in New York City include the following:

  • St. Joseph’s College

  • College of Staten Island

  • Pace University

  • Adelphi University

  • Long Island University

  • Molloy College

While many of these schools of nursing are located in New York City, there are also a large number of schools across the state. Most of New York is fairly rural as compared to New York City and there are many national parks and forests in the surrounding regions. Rochester and Albany prove to be some of the more urban areas in the state.

Some of the best known schools for nursing in the state of New York include:

  • Hartwick College

  • University of Rochester

  • Elmira College

  • Niagara University

  • Daemen College

  • St. John Fisher College

  • D’Youville College

  • Utica College

  • Roberts Wesleyan College

In order to obtain admission into any of these nursing schools, a candidate will typically have to clear an entrance examination offered by the schools. It is also important to keep in mind an idea of the career path that one wants to follow in nursing at the time of application. There are already a vast number of schools to choose from and there are also a number of program choices in nursing and things can get tricky if one does not have a clear idea as to which career to specialize in.

The cost of nursing programs varies as per the school and also as per the type of program that is chosen. The estimated costs of nursing degrees are:

  • $300 to $600 for a Certified Nursing Assistant program

  • $7,000 to $20,000 for a Licensed Practical Nurse program

  • $14,000 per year for a bachelor’s degree in a public school

  • $30,000 per year for a bachelor’s degree in a private school

In order to be a licensed nurse in New York, the student will need to have completed the National Council Licensure Examination. Once this certification is obtained, there are a number of job opportunities that spring up. The city of New York is the largest in terms of workforce in the health care industry and it is estimated that the city employs about 170,000 nurses who are registered. Even in terms of salary in the nursing profession, the mean annual salary of an advanced practical registered nurse in New York City is estimated to be around $75,000, which is much higher than that of other states in the US.


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