The interest in ghosts is huge among the world’s people. A study done by Gallup in 2005 shows that 37% of Americans believe in haunted houses and nearly all of them believe in ghosts. This leads to the question, are ghosts real?

Cultures all around the world have believed in spirits living in another realm for centuries. Among all of history, ghosts are the most widely believed of paranormal phenomena giving way to many great stories which are included in the Bible, Shakespearean plays, and even their own stories.

Is there actually proof of ghosts existing? Well, if you leave it to the folklore there are many near death experiences, life after death, and stories of spirit communications.

Are Ghosts Real?

There is just as much scientific proof of ghosts as there are black holes, but are ghosts real? Even with the proof, there is not much to go on; simply because of the fact that people have not studied the existence of ghosts in a lab does not mean that they are not real. There are many people who have claimed to have taken pictures and observed them in different environment. Unfortunately we are not scientists, so we cannot prove the existence of ghosts no more than we can prove the existence of black holes.

Simply stating that we do not have proof of ghosts does not mean they are not real. It is much more difficult to prove that something doesn't exist than it is to prove it does exist.

What Does the Bible Say About Ghosts?

Does the Bible actually give proof of ghosts? “Ghost,” is a word used 108 times within the King James Version of the Bible. However, it is never used as a living spirit of a dead person. Within the phrase, “to give up the ghost,” it is meant as “to die.” The second way it is used is to name the “Holy Ghost,” which is the third part of the trinity.

The verse Ephesians 6:11-12, KJV states, “Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places,” pushes toward the belief that ghosts are real. Are ghosts real? The Bible states that they are; not in flesh and blood or dead bodies of loved ones, but they are fallen angels trying to deceive us.

Scientific Ghost Facts

Are ghost real? The question is really a tough one. But from the scientific perspective, the answer would be a NO. For those frequently haunted places and stories, there are some scientific explanations which might help you to get a better understanding of some of the ghost phenomena.

Electrical Stimulation

Some scientists believe that magnetic fields shift throughout the day can interfere with human brain waves in darkness. It is found that in haunted locations, the magnetic fields have been shown to have more fluctuations which can cause hallucinations, dizziness, or other brain wave interference. This may be why people claim to see more ghosts during the night than they do during the day. At night the solar wind pushes the magnetic fields into the side that is dark and this stretched field is what causes people to see ghosts.

Medical researchers have also studied how the brain reacts to magnetic stimulation and have found that different parts of your brain give different sensations. Magnetic interference in one side of your brain may cause you to feel as though someone is behind you, while the other side may cause you to see hallucinations.


Low-Frequency Sound Waves

The tests of low-frequency sound waves have been used to answer the question, “Are ghosts real?” What these tests have found is that the infrasound can cause people to experience phenomena that people link to ghosts. Some of these spiritual phenomena include sensing a ghostly presence, or people see things that aren’t there due to the vibration the sound waves cause in the eye. These sound waves are too low for the human ear to hear, but the waves travel through your body.



One common occurrence in haunted buildings is cold spots. This is when the temperature seems to drastically drop in one are while the rest of the room remains warm. Most of the time these temperature changes can be traced to drafty windows or chimneys, or that particular area may even be less humid than the rest of the location.

Ghosts Stories

Are ghosts real? This is indeed a tricky question. Despite all the possible scientific explanations to the ghost phenomena, many still report seeing or sensing ghosts or spirits in their life. What about you? Do you have any ghost stories to tell?

Many people have had interesting encounters with ghosts. One lady tells the story of how she felt her dead brother's presence. She had been exercising so her mind and body were more receptive to the feeling of her brother hugging her and telling her that he was okay. This was not the first time. Since she was young when he died (8 years old) she could remember hearing him talking and playing while she lay in bed at night. She would lay as still as she could so that she could feel his presence. She said it was like he was in her mind, except when he left for the final time and she saw him walk to the corner of the room and disappear.


Another story from a gentleman states that his childhood friend had come to say goodbye after he was dead. This man had a long conversation with is old friend at a bus stop. His friend told him that he should visit more often. A week later this man decided that he would go visit it childhood friend and his family. He purchased gifts for everyone and went to visit. When he got there, his friend's mom told him that he had died a month ago. When the gentleman discovered this, he was shocked and broke down crying at the fact that his friend had found a way to say goodbye after his death.

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