Men and women always view each other as alien life-forms, but hey in fact they are all just human beings on Earth. Even so, women are much more sensitive and complicated than men. And let's face it –sometimes women can be really annoying. When dating girls, you may get incredibly angry with some of their behaviors. And here are some of the annoying things girls always do.

Annoying Things Girls Do


Say everything’s fine but they’re about to explode inside

Girls are fond of not telling straight when they’re mad and pissed. They cover up things by simply saying “K” or “Fine”, leaving the other party guessing if this is true or what they did wrong. If kept asking what's wrong, girls can get really mad, give you the cold shoulder or explode in the end. 


Ask for opinion but won’t accept it

Girls like to ask others' advices and opinions, but most of the time, they will not actually accept and follow it. The reason for this is that girls simply want you to agree with their opinions and validate their decisions. 


Expect you to be there 24/7 when they’re heartbroken

This is another one of the annoying things girls do. It is nice to have someone by your side during your darkest moments. But there are girls who want you to be there for them “always” when they break up with their boyfriends or experience something bad. 

These girls want someone to be there to listen to how their life turned upside down and how selfish their ex/boss/anyone causing the pain was for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Okay, I know that’s what friends are for, but please understand that other people also have their own lives, struggles and chores to do, so please be considerate enough.


Say that good men are gay

This is sort of judgmental. It may be true that there are a lot of gay people nowadays but it does not mean that all good guys are gay. Besides, there are also gay men who are as sucky as some straight guys. Stop complaining and assess yourself. You may just have a bad taste on men that’s why you always end up with the wrong straight guy.


Keep talking, talking and talking

Although it is nice to be there for a girl when she's feeling down, it's annoying when she talks nonstop about her lives, her work, her problems and rants. Every relationship should be a two-way process, which means there should be a give and take scenario. Stop talking about yourself all the time and let the other person talk about how he or she feels.


Tell the world their relationship issues

When guys come across problems in their relationship, they usually keep quiet, think about it and at best tell one or two closest people about it. Girls have a different way of handling this and some of them even post on social media and tell all her friends about it. Well, not all girls do this, but if you are one of those girls, you'd better stop it now. You are not only showing everyone how a sucky girlfriend you can be, but also adding injuries to your already damaged relationship. This is definitely one of the most annoying things girls do not only for their boyfriends but also for those who have to listen to them.


Disturb their boyfriends when they’re playing games

Men and women have different perceptions when it comes to playing games. For women, it is a time for bonding and spending time with loved ones, but for men, this is not as simple as recreation, but a time to boost their ego and have some adrenalin rush.

So if you keep talking to your boyfriend about your relationship or how nice is the dress you saw in the mall, chances are that he will just piss on you or you get pissed at him because he is not paying attention to what you are saying.


Leave their men while they're hot

For guys, there is nothing more annoying than left alone by his girl when he's already got turned on. Men understand that women love having intimate moments when kissing, cuddling and doing other forms of foreplay, but if you two have started a great foreplay, most of the time it will sure lead the two of you to get laid on bed. And it is inconsiderate and annoying to light up the fire and then suddenly tell your man to just use his hand for whatever excuses you have prepared. Just don’t warm him up if you can’t handle the fire.


Ask if they look fat

This is definitely one of the most annoying things girls do. The answer is obvious and kind of fixed no matter what the truth is, which should be something like “No honey, you are sexy and beautiful and will always be”, because if you tell her that she's gained a few pounds, she will whine about it and ruin the date night or give you cold shoulder for days. What's worse, girl may ask this questions again and again, like when trying new clothes, after eating a big dinner, etc.


Try to change their boyfriend

One of the worst things a girl can do is trying to change her boyfriend. Although boys don’t mind it when girls suggest things they should do to make them better, they hate it when forced to do something they do not like and forbidden to do things they love. For example, it is fine to tell your boyfriend, “Eat vegetables because they’re healthy”, but it is not fine to say, “Eat vegetables and stop eating those greasy T-bone steaks for your health's sake.”


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