Daniel Radcliffe is officially a muggle now and his post-Potter career is shaping up to be anything but expecto patronus expected. From his daring nude scene in Equus to his horror flick, The Woman in Black (available on DVD today), there’s no denying Daniel has transformed from infamous boy wizard into a leading man for all movie genres.

Not many people can break away from their iconic roles, but Daniel has proved he can definitely do much more on screen than wave a wand. We can’t wait to see what other roles he takes on and if this list of little-known Radcliffe facts is any indicator, we’re in for some more surprises!

Part 1


He is deathly hallows afraid of a super volcano called the Yellowstone Caldera. “It’s in your country,” he told Bravo’s Andy Cohen. “And if it goes off, half the world is going to float off into space. And it’s overdue by about ten thousand years and it could happen any time in the next fifty thousand years. It might not happen until then, but it could happen tomorrow.”


Daniel has a mild form of Dyspraxia, which affects hand-eye coordination and processing. He says that it hasn’t affected his life that much, but it made him horrible when it came to his schooling as a young child.


Daniel has admitted he likes to Google himself sometimes just to see what pops up after his name. He said that the last time he checked, ‘Daniel Radcliffe gay’ was the first thing that came up. “If you are not being called gay, you don’t have a career,” he said in his interview with Denofgeek.com.


Daniel was in the bathtub when his dad told him he got the role of Harry Potter. Accio rubber ducky!


He’s probably a really good French kisser. He’s displayed his impressive tongue tricks (including folding his tongue up three times) here, here and here. Rosie Coker is a lucky lady!


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