So congratulations! If you were born between 23rd October and 21st November, you already know you’re a Scorpio. There are certain personality traits that are unique only to Scorpios. Besides, if you think your personality does not fit into your constellation, check the list of 17 signs listed here to see if you are actually more like a Scorpio.

17 Signs You Are a Scorpio

Obviously, not all signs will be true for every single Scorpio on the planet, but by and large, a lot should be applicable to you!

You’re aloof

That’s one of the best and worst things of being a Scorpio. Since you’re a level-headed person who seldom over reacts like the average person does, people automatically tend to assume you’re “heartless”. But that’s not true. You’re not indifferent – you just don’t let things affect you as much as others let those things affect them.


You’re competitive

Who doesn’t like to win? But winning isn’t everything for you – it’s about the journey, not the destination. You make every little task a competition, and even though you don’t show it on your face, on the inside, you know you’re going to give it your best shot.


You seldom forgive

People should think twice before hurting or betraying a Scorpio because Scorpios tend to hold on to grudges, and seldom forgive those who have betrayed their trust. Among all 17 signs you are a Scorpio, this one is very distinctive for bad or good.


Your mouth has no filter

It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re rude. It just means that you often say whatever comes to your mind without filtering your words. And people often see that as you being a dick.


You are mysterious

You love being a mystery to other people; you have thoughts and views, but you prefer keeping lots of them to yourself, which makes you pretty hard to understand for the average person. Besides, this mysterious feeling will make you damn sexy to the opposite sex. But if some people call your names for unable to figure you out, don't worry because that’s just a case of sour grape.


You know what you want

Unlike most people out there in the world, you’re never confused about your ambition, goals or desires. This is one of the reasons you’re the envy of many, because you don’t waste time being confused or pondering over what your life means. This is a subtle one among all the 17 signs you are a Scorpio.


You can be jealous

It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, oh boy! But remember that this green-eyed monster makes you look ugly, so avoid this emotion as much as you can.


Things are black and white for you

It’s either wrong or right. It’s either yes or no. You have very clear opinions about everything and every opinion in your mind is well articulated. If you think abortion is wrong, you will fight till your dying breath to prove that it’s wrong (whatever your reasoning may be). You are not the type of person to opt for a middle path. And while sometimes this philosophy works for you, many times it falls flat on your face.


You don't like being made fun of

To be honest, nobody does, but you take strong exception to being mocked. Even though ironically, you don’t mind making fun of people yourself. This definitely should be put on the list of the most tell-tale 17 signs you are a Scorpio.


Love is passion

Scorpios are one of the most intensely passionate lovers among all in the Zodiac calendar. In fact, your burning love would make even the most romantic Hollywood movie and novel pale in comparison. Your partners are very lucky to have you, at least in the love department.


You’re not easily impressed

It’s just part of who you are. The average Scorpio appreciates intelligent, talented and hard-working people. So people who try to kiss your ass fail miserably because that’s just not what impresses you.


You don’t like being controlled

A true Scorpio will always want the balance of power to be in their favour. In every relationship of their life, they have always been the one who’s dominated. As a Scorpio, you prefer all your future relationships to be that way too.


Arguing with you is futile

That’s because you’re smart and well-read. Even if you haven’t read a lot, you’re smart enough to know your opponent’s weak points, and use them against that person in an argument. Bottom line is, people simply don’t stand a chance of winning arguments or debates against you.


You really don’t “need” anybody

Sure, it’s awesome to have friends and family, but if given a chance, you wouldn’t mind being left alone by yourself. Why? Because you’re independent and fearless. You will always find a way to make things work for you, with or without companionship. And let’s be honest – you both love and hate this trait. But like it or not, it is one of the 17 signs you are a Scorpio!


You’re unswervingly loyal

This is why you make the best partner and the best friend among all the Zodiac sings. You’re the type of person who would defend your loved ones through thick and thin, no matter what they’re guilty of doing (but within limits, of course). You’re a devoted person and even though most people do not match up to your level of loyalty, you’re happy with the way things are.


Enjoy the best sex with Scorpio

And no, we’re not bragging. We’re just telling the truth. Sure there are exceptions to this rule, but by and large Scorpions are well-known as the best lovers to have for the awesome sex and more.


You always win

You're patient and persistent to the extent that you can be described as being relentless, stronger than anyone else you know, and even manipulative occasionally. And everyone wants you in their team because they win you will help them win. 


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