Engage in conversations with your child and encourage them to be curious about things by asking them questions which are challenging. It would also be good to ask them the same questions once in a while just so you can see how much they have grown and developed; the answers they come out with might surprise you too! Asking your child questions is a good way to create a strong and close bond with them.

25 Would You Rather Questions for Kids

  1. Would you rather eat chips or ice cream?

  2. Would you rather eat cake or hot dogs?

  3. Would you rather be a fireman or a garbage man?

  4. Would you rather only be able to drink your favorite drink for the rest of your life or never drink your favorite drink again?

  5. Would you rather be a doctor or a teacher?

  6. Would you rather have a pet spider or a pet turtle?

  7. Would you rather have the ability to shape shift or read people’s minds?

  8. Would you rather buy a car or buy a house?

  9. Would you rather be a fish or be a dolphin?

  10. Would you rather have pigeon wings or a monkey’s tail?

  11. Would you rather be rich with no car or be poor with two cars and an unlimited amount of petrol?

  12. Would you rather have a bright blue nose or bright blue fingers?

  13. Would you rather be super funny or super silly?

  14. Would you rather be really big or really small?

  15. 15. Would you rather have smelly hair or bad breath?

  16. 16. Would you rather never have to wash your hair again or never have to brush your teeth again?

  17. Would you rather eat a live ant or a dead slug?

  18. Would you rather lick your ear wax or eat your boogers?

  19. Would you rather get good grades or get lots of candy?

  20. Would you rather live in the past or future

  21. Would you rather be the class clown or the teacher’s pet?

  22. Would you rather live in a house or a caravan?

  23. Would you rather live without a computer or a television?

  24. Would you rather jump into a pool of chocolate milkshake or a pool of melted chocolate?

  25. Would you rather buy a house or buy a car?

Other Questions to Ask Kids


Questions about daily life

  1. Which sports have you played before?

  2. What is the name of your favourite football team?

  3. Who is your best friend?

  4. What is one thing you do every weekend?

  5. Which do you prefer: playing indoors or outdoors?

  6. Would you rather draw or paint?

  7. After school, what do you get up to?

  8. Have you played any puzzle games before? What are your favourites?

  9. Has your family been on holiday more than once this year?

  10. Where do you go for vacations?

  11. What are your highlights for this year so far?

  12. Can you ride a bike? Who taught you how to ride one?


Questions about Family

  1. Have you got any siblings, if so how many?

  2. Do you have siblings younger or older than you?

  3. What is your brother’s name?

  4. What is like being an older/younger sibling?

  5. What is your mother’s name?

  6. What is your mum’s profession?

  7. What is your dad’s profession?

  8. What is your favourite thing to do as a family?

  9. Do you have any pets?

  10. Do you look after any animals?

  11. What is your pet’s name?


Questions about dreams

  1. What was your last dream about?

  2. Have you ever had a nightmare?

  3. Have your dreams ever come true?

  4. What do you like about dreaming?

  5. Who was in your dreams?

  6. What do you always dream of?

How to Talk to a Kid: 7 Key Points to Remember


Say their names

Kids can usually only focus on one thing at a time so make sure you get your children’s attention first by saying their names, then proceed to say whatever you want to say to them.


Don’t nag them

Kids are used to routines, so try and implement a set time for when they have to do things. This prevents you from nagging all the time. Also, set incentives for them. So for example, if it’s time to tidy up their room and they do it according to the rules, commend or reward them for their effort.


Bond with them

Have a day where you both sit down and talk or do something fun so that they know you care and can always open up to you.


Ask them open-ended questions

Asking your child open-ended questions will not only show you how smart they are but it will encourage them to form opinions of their own and have a voice.


Check for understanding

Always check that your child understands what you are saying before moving on to the next question.



Encourage and accept your child’s views and show them that you accept them for who they are. Doing this will make them more likely to open up to you about their feelings.


Speak in a socially correct way

Kids absorb everything that goes on around them, including the way you talk, so make sure you are speaking in a positive and correct manner whenever you’re around them.


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