So you’ve decided to finally lose that weight you’ve been carrying around for ages. Good job! And while working out and exercising is good, know that a major portion of your weight loss journey is dependent on the type of foods you eat. And having said that, here are some of the worst foods you should avoid when on diet.

Worst Foods for Weight Loss


Deli meats

Anything processed is bad for you, especially if that food happens to be meat. Why? Because they are incredibly high in saturated fats. Several studies have found a direct link between the consumption of red meat and weight gain, so it would be wise to simply lay off the meat. Of course if you can’t, then consuming it every once in a while (20 days or so) is okay, but don’t make it a habit. And definitely don’t eat huge portions.

Opt for: Lean meats


Bakery items and chocolate

Ah, come on. This was the most obvious choice of food items in our list. Apart from having a high number of calories and an equally high quantity of fat, these items do not provide any nutritional benefit to the body.

Opt for: Dark chocolates and naturally sweet food items like fresh fruits or low fat yoghurt


Soy sauce

Most people don’t even realize how soy sauce can be worst foods for weight loss. That’s because even though it has very few calories, it has a high sodium content which may leave your body bloated.

Opt for: You can use low sodium alternatives, but they’re not that much better than soy sauce itself. Avoid if you can.



This food item is composed mainly of oils and fats, which is why it has one of the highest amounts of fats among all food items that you may consume. 80% of mayonnaise is fat, which means that if you’re consuming 200g of it, you’re also consuming 160g of fat.

Opt for: If you want to use it as a salad dressing, use a combination of lemon and low fat yoghurt.


Refined grains

Food items, like white bread which are made from refined grains, have been found to increase as much weight as if you were eating the same amount of certain desserts or candies. Not only that, eating these items raises your blood sugar levels, which in turn makes you feel more hungry. And what do you do when you’re hungry? You eat, which is not good if you want to lose weight.

Opt for: Foods made from whole grain


Sugar-free products

And you thought they were better for you, didn’t you? Well, they aren’t. Because even though they have very little sugar in it, that benefit is overshadowed by its cons. Sugar-free products are often composed of sugar alternatives that are much worse than sugar itself, and prolonged usage of these products can result in increased insulin levels.


Fried potatoes

These are literally the worst foods for weight loss. Apart from providing you with little nutritional benefits, the oils, which by the way are made of saturated fat, in fried potatoes are enough to light the lamps of a small family for an entire week.

Just kidding, but you get what I mean, right? These food items too increase your blood sugar levels, thus increasing your food cravings.

Opt for: Sweet potato chips fried lightly in olive oil


Processed fruit juice

You might think that since it’s fruit juice, it’s good to drink. But you’re wrong. It’s nothing but butt load of calories for you.

Opt for: Real fruits and juice made at home. If that’s not an option for you, then just drop the idea of fruit juices.


Ice cream

Most commercial ice creams consist of sugar, egg yolks and cream, which automatically make them very high in fat and calories. Sample this: 100g of vanilla ice cream gives you 200 calories! Is this really what you should be eating when on a diet?

Opt for: Homemade ice cream from skimmed milk. Use low fat yoghurt instead of cream. If possible, opt for ice creams made from plant milks. They are healthier as well.


Cold drinks and energy drinks

Again, such drinks, irrespective of what they might claim, provide zero nutritional value to your body. Instead, they fill your body up with empty calories and lots of sugar.

Opt for: Lime juice


High fiber snack bars

You never thought these would make it to our list of worst foods for weight loss, did you? Of course, our body needs fiber because it tricks your mind into believing it’s eaten more than it actually has. However, one snack bar gives you roughly 25g of fiber all in one go. But According to the Institute of Medicine, men need about 38g of fiber each day and women need about 25g each day. Otherwise, it just won’t work effectively.

Opt for: Small portions of fruits or vegetables naturally high in fiber. Eat them throughout the day.


Cereals in large boxes

See, here’s the thing. Cereals in larger boxes might be easy on your pockets, but they sure as hell are more than tough on your stomach. These packagings make use of human psychology – people who buy larger boxes tend to eat bigger portions.

Opt for: Smaller portions


Frozen meals

Frozen meals, true to their name, provide you with all the calories your body would require for one meal. However, since these meals are almost always packaged in small boxes, your brain is tricked into believing that your stomach hasn’t had its full share, even though clearly your body has received all calories that it should for one meal. You’re bound to binge eat after having your frozen meal, which is why this makes it one of the worst foods for weight loss.


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