Most people find themselves in a situation whereby they wish to improve their physical status but do not know where to begin because they hate exercise. You may be willing to lose weight but do not know what to do just because you hate exercising. Just like many other things you hate in life, the hate is driven by the bad attitude towards some of those you most hate in life. To reverse or change you thought towards fitness, you have to begin by working on your attitude to like and realise the importance of physical exercising in toning your body. You should not only perceive physical exercise as a way to help attain and maintain a killer body but as a way to improve your overall health and wellbeing to improve the quality of your life. In addition, engaging in routine workout is critical in helping you avert the risks of contracting various chronic diseases such as arthritis, weight-related complications, high blood pressure and heart complications. 

Working Out When You Hate Exercise


Do at least 10 super-lousy push-ups regardless of their bad form

Change of attitude is not any easy thing, but you have to start from somewhere. Fitness is a process, not a onetime thing; therefore, you have to start you program from somewhere regardless of how you do it. At first, you should not mind about perfection but ensure you do simple home-based exercises. Push-ups are some of the simplest and cheapest home-based exercises that can be undertaken by almost everyone. Only you need to motivate yourself with the little success you gain from these simple but beneficial exercises. Just lower your body randomly with stretched arms at shoulder width while ensuring you do not exhaust yourself. 


Do the same set of exercises tomorrow

One of the best workout tips is repetition. Repetition and practise make perfect. Therefore, if you engage in the same activity, you are bound to motivate yourself by achieving something new or perfecting the same excise hence gaining more interest in exercising. At first, you should be concerned about the complicated exercises or demanding eating formulas to keep you fit. For now, you should only be concerned with changing your hateful attitude towards exercising and worry about the complicated exercises and eating formulas later. You should vary your exercises on a daily basis because you may not perfect any of the exercises thus losing interest and self-motivation. 


Do a little bit then build on that success

Fitness workout does not always necessarily come from engaging in intensive and prolonged exercises. In fact, for beginners, engaging in extensive and prolonged workout may break your heart because you may end up exhausting yourself or even hurting yourself. Therefore, it is important to begin from the simple exercises and gradually improve to other exercises based on your success of the first simple exercises. Short-term goals are always attainable compared to long-term goals; therefore, start from short-term exercises that you can easily stick to then gradually move to long-term exercises. 


You should not entirely be concerned with how you want to look but focus on how you want to feel and walk

Focusing on your looks when engaging in physical exercises is one of the meanest things you can do to yourself because you are only concerned with your physical appearance and forget about your overall health and wellbeing. Focusing only on your looks will force you to jump into hard, extensive and complicated exercises just to attain a killer body rather than exercises that serve to improve your overall health and wellbeing. If you do not attain that killer body in short-run, you may end up demoralising yourself and further hating exercising. 

Engage in physical exercise for your body not someone else’s 

Most of us engage in physical exercises to attain a body like most celebrities or sportsmen just to impress other people. This perception can end up ruining your workout plan as your workout is based on others’ directions and plans rather than your own program hence misleading yourself. You should keep in mind that your body is different from others and you will achieve a physical fitness different from others. Therefore, engage in physical exercises based on your plan, program and goals.


Eat more vegetables

According to the latest workout tips, you should equally be concerned with your inner health as you are concerned with your physical health to attain and maintain an overall body fitness. Eating a balanced diet is one of the best natural ways to achieve physical fitness from the inside while still providing your body with the necessary nutrients and energy to keep you going. Large intake of foods rich in calories is one of the major contributors of increased body weight. You should eat lots of vegetables because they serve as alternatives to foods rich in calories.



Fear of exercising is significantly driven by bad attitude towards exercising. You should keep in mind that overall fit is not a onetime thing but a process based on proper planning and program. Every journey begins with a single step; therefore, to attain a sound physical state you have to begin from simple and cheap exercises then build on your success on those exercises. 

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