The cold winter season can have unwanted effects at the level of the skin, causing it to become dull and dry. Itchiness might also appear as a secondary effect, causing a lot of discomfort. During the winter, there is a special skincare guide that you should follow, as presented below. You need to feed your skin with products that will repair any damage, preventing the loss of moisture and also ensuring the desired overall smoothness.

If you want to brighten dull skin and enjoy a natural, healthy-looking glow during winter, you have to provide your skin with everything that it needs to make it through. Below, you will find a number of recommendations, which are more than essential to follow. And, remember, your skin is the largest organ in the body and it deserves all the attention you can give.

Winter Skincare Guide For Dull And Dry Skin


Sunscreen application

Wearing sunscreen during the winter? You must be joking! Well, this is actually a very serious recommendation, as sunscreen is required to be applied on the skin all year long. No matter the season, how cold it is outside or whether the sun is shining or not, you need to wear sunscreen. This is because the harmful UV rays are present at all times, having a damaging effect on your skin. Moreover, if you will wear sunscreen, you will enjoy the luminescent glow it will give to your skin.



The reason why the skin turns a dull aspect during the cold winter season is excessive dryness. In the situation that you are fighting with such problems, you need to use a quality moisturizer, applying it on a regular basis. Make sure that you choose one that has a high content of antioxidants, as these substances can ensure the rejuvenation of the skin tissue.


Skincare according to your skin type

While the market is filled with all sorts of products recommended for winter skincare, this does not necessarily mean that they are all suitable for your skin type. When shopping, you have to choose products that are recommended for your particular skin type. For example, if you have dry skin overall, you can consider lotions or creams. On the other hand, liquid toners are more indicated for those who have oily skin. If your oily skin gets dry during the winter, you should consider a lotion (or a lightweight cream), applying it only on the areas that actually get dry.


Gentle cleanser required

No matter how tempted you might be to scrub your skin during the winter season, you should refrain from doing that. If you are persistent with the scrubbing, you will only aggravate the dryness. Instead, you should consider using a gentle cleanser on your skin, as you need to protect it as much as you possibly can. Moreover, such a cleanser will ensure that your skin remains moisturized and smooth.


No long baths or showers

The more time you spend in the bathtub/shower, the worse your skin is going to look. Even though this may sound like a paradox but spending a lot of time in the water is not that beneficial for your skin as you might expect. In general, it is recommended that you avoid taking long baths, especially with hot water. During the winter season, stick with short showers, as these are the best for the skin.


Body moisturizer required after showering

As soon as you are out of the shower, be sure to apply moisturizer on your body. Keep in mind that the skin is vulnerable after spending time in water, being stripped of its essential oils. If you want your skin to be both smooth and soft, you need to apply moisturizer after every shower or bath. Otherwise, the skin dryness is going to become worse, causing a dull aspect.


Humidifier in the room

During the winter, because of the indoor heating, the air tends to become dry. This can have a negative impact on the skin, reducing its moisture and causing the dull aspect you are constantly trying to avoid. In order to solve such problems, all you have to do is place a humidifier in the room where you sleep. You can also place such devices in the other rooms of your home, so that everyone benefits from their properties.



These are just several recommendations that can help you get through the winter. If you have always suffered from dry or dull skin during the cold season, you will finally be able to say goodbye to such problems. Hopefully, you will put the advice included in this article to good use, enjoying your new, healthy glow. And, remember, your entire skin needs protection, not just the areas that are exposed to the cold temperatures and dry air.

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