Most women love to be kissed intimately. Lip kissing reveals your feelings towards a woman you love. If you are dating a woman, kiss her well if you want to create a great impression. A bad kiss may destroy any hope of a future relationship. In the same way as actions speak louder than words, a kiss speaks volumes about you as a lover. Among all kinds of kisses, neck kiss has the most magic power. Wanna know why? Let’s find out.

Why Do Neck Kisses Feel Good?

Kissing is a gentle, special touch that teases the sensory nerves. It involves touching those sensitive parts of another person with lips. Neck kiss feels good because:

  • The caress influences hormonal reactions triggering that wonderful feeling in both parties.

  • A smooth kiss on the neck is romantic because this part of the body has plenty of nerve endings. Kissing the neck stimulates those nerves that can give her goose bumps.

  • The touching, the breathing and the caressing bring out exciting feelings that no words can explain. But those gentle kiss does take the mind into a world of fascination that allows love to take the center stage.

How to Make Neck Kiss Even Better


Move your finger along your partner’s neck

Turn your partner on by gently moving your finger around her neck. This will send shivers down her spine giving her a pleasurable feeling. Such strokes will make her feel good. When you finally place your lips on the neck to kiss her, she will not be able to resist it.


Focus your kiss on the most sensitive parts

Why do neck kisses feel good? Because most parts of the neck are sensitive to touch. If you are wondering how to deliver a perfect kiss on her neck, you should try to figure out what her most sensitive parts are. First, put your arms around her for a perfect position. From the front or back, locate the most sensitive parts, which most likely are the neck and shoulder joints or collarbone, and the front left part of the neck or the right side.


Give soft closed mouth kiss

If you want to get a perfect closed mouth kiss, wet your lips first. This will make them softer, and then tactfully kiss any part of her neck. Pay close attention to those sensitive areas. Start with the collarbone and move your lips to the curved part which connects to the shoulder.


Breathe on her neck

For a perfect reaction, kiss your partner with an open mouth. Separate your lips and gently move your mouth up and down her neck. Create a pleasurable sensation by:

  • Breathing on the neck

  • Licking the neck from top to bottom

  • Using your tongue to tease the neck parts

  • Biting and sucking the neck corners

Why do neck kisses feel good? How to make it even better? Learn from your partner about what feels good and improve on it. Avoid doing everything in the first kiss.


Take it slowly and gently

If you want your partner to feel the sensations, take it slow. Take one area at a time, keep breathing on it and gently suck on your partner’s neck. Do not take too much time on one area because it can cause irritation. Instead, open and close your mouth in intervals of 2 seconds as you suck different parts, gently bite one spot and release it slowly and blow cool air on it.


Gentle love bites

Start with a long kiss along the neck and then finish with a gentle bite on the neck. Pinch a small part of the skin with your teeth and carefully release it. Be careful while at it, you don’t want to hurt your partner.


Tease a little bit

You have known "Why do neck kisses feel good?" here is another tip to make it better. Tease your partner in a playful mood to get started and caress the body by moving fingers along the neck and back. Touch the back of the ears and feel how your partner shivers. Touch every part that you want to kiss in preparation for the kiss. This will give your partner an unforgettable feeling of pleasure.


Let the body do the talking

Create a magical feeling with body contact. Kiss from the back, front and wrap your hands around your partner. Such close contact does not require verbal communication to express your feelings. Your partner will feel the love, passion, caring and whatever other emotions you want to give her.


Be unpredictable

For the best approach, be spontaneous. From the neck kissing, move on to a different spot. Keep the fire burning by keeping it short and simple.


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