A selfie is a portrait taken with a smartphone. It is taken at a perfect angle, usually at 45 degrees from your eye level. When taking the photo, a good source of light is important if you want to get brilliant images. Position your camera towards the natural light coming from your window or use the backlight of your phone reflected on a mirror for a great flash effect. 

For the perfect selfie, you should get the best pose. Don’t forget to flash a flattering smile and raise an eyebrow. Use filters to get the perfect tone and lighting for your selfie. Girls like to take selfie, post them on social media and send them to friends, family and boyfriends. But do you know guys also like taking selfie? So what does it means when a guy sends you selfies? 

Why Do Guys Send Selfies?

People share selfies for various reasons. It is normal to get it from a close friend. In most cases, they mean no harm. However, if the pic is from a stranger, it could be that they want to draw you close to them. Whether it is from someone you met online or in person, it is a sign that they want to capture your attention. 

If you are not interested, don’t respond to their pics. Commenting on a selfie whether you like it or not means you don’t mind further communication with the sender. Therefore, if you respond to it, be ready to get more selfies. Besides, men may send pics if they want you to respond. They also send selfie just to see if there is a chance to pursue you. 

To avoid being agitated by undesirable guys, simply do not get back to them. If the selfie is sexual, the sender expects you to reciprocate by sharing your own. Sending selfie could also imply that the sender is interested in a serious relationship. If you are not looking for a serious relationship or a fling, ignore the pictures. This will protect you from jeopardizing future relationships, more so if you are keen on pursuing someone else.

What Do Girls Think About Guys Sending Selfie?

Know that men are attracted to physical images and they think girls are too! Now let's get close and see what girls really think about this.

Rose: Why do guys send selfies? I think it is just a friendly gesture showing affection. To a man, seeing a girl's image is like seeing you in person. It’s kind of like Skype where both of you view each other’s images. The pics tell him something about you and his selfie reveals a lot to you too. From the selfies, you can read the body languages and understand whether he wants to get to know you more.

Shirley: Both men and women take and send selfies. It's just a fun thing to do. I recall with laughter how I used to put a camera up on a dresser just to take a good shot. I also remember using photo booth. Selfies provide a simpler way to take and send photos. I think this is the case for guys, too.

Alice: A regular guy will not send selfies like a girl. Never! I just can't imagine guys doing such a weird thing. I think it is funny for guys to do that, unless they are suffering from insecurity. In that case, they may even end up being control freaks.

Rules Men Should Follow When Taking Selfies

Why do guys send selfies and are there rules to govern them? Well, here is a guide of what to avoid for guys when taking and sending others selfies:

Naked selfies

It is unthinkable for a man to expose his nakedness in a selfie, especially if this pic is sent for a woman.


Gym selfies

They are kind of a show off, so you can send this kind of selfie but do not do this too frequently.


Car selfies

A handsome guy and a cool car is a perfect match, which will make you irresistible. But never do this in traffic because it makes you come off as bored.


Airplane selfies

Nobody cares that you're sitting on a chair in a plane.


Alone selfies

It may reveal your emptiness, so do remember to smile big, hold something colorful, or stand or sit near something good-looking to make your selfies look great.


Flashy cash selfies

This definitely will give you a negative image. This is self-explanatory, right?


Parody selfies

Nobody is interested in seeing your caricature. It will even make you look like a clown.


Selfies in bed

It gives a sexual image, so if you are not solely looking for a fling, do not do this.


Mirror selfies

It's hard to make this kind of selfie look great, because they always look dated. Maybe you don’t have a camera?


​Injury selfies

It raises unwanted questions and sometimes even makes you come off as an attention seeker.


Blurry selfies

Why take a picture if it is going to be seen clearly?


Drunk selfies

Why do guys send selfies? No matter what the reason is, drunk selfies is always a big no-no. It brings out the worst in you, so never send drunk selfies to others, guys.


Illegal stuff selfies

Why would you do this? Avoid doing this!


Multiple selfies in one location

Be creative! Avoid different faces in one spot.


Selfies all the time

There is so much to share online more than face images!


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