There are some women who don’t wear makeup and just go for a natural look, while there are others who choose to wear makeup every day. People have different perspectives about women who wear makeup more often than not. Some think that women who wear makeup everyday look professional and look presentable, while others think that they are trying too hard to look beautiful. Women have different reasons for putting on makeup and no one has the right to judge. This article lists down the different reasons why girls love makeup and the step by step procedures on how to apply it.

Why Do Girls Wear Makeup?


To look mature

Some teenage girls wear makeup because they want to look more feminine and older. While it is recommended for teens to wear light and more natural makeup, some are excited to experiment with the different looks they can achieve. 


To appear younger

Contrary to the teenage girls who want to look older, some women who are past a certain age use makeup to look younger. Some cosmetics available in the market today promise anti-aging properties which if properly applied, can erase wrinkles and lines in a woman’s face.


To have fairer skin

Although the real secret here is to have a good skin care routine, women can also use makeup to hide flaws on their face. Concealers can be used to cover dark circles around the eye and other blemishes. Foundation is used to obtain a fair complexion. If applied properly, makeup can make a woman’s skin look perfect.


To match the occasion

Makeup has different types and can give girls different looks. This is another reason of "Why do girls wear makeup?"--to glam up and have the look they want either for a party or for a simple day at work. They can choose from smokey eyes and red lips to a natural nude look.

Some girls also wear makeup to look glamorous and attract a man. Although men have different perspectives regarding women who wear makeup, a woman should still choose to apply the kind of makeup she’s comfortable with.


To look MORE beautiful

No matter how beautiful a woman is, she tends to wear makeup to look more fabulous and polished. Mascara, foundation and lipstick can be worn without anyone noticing it if done skillfully.


To have fun

Makeup is a woman’s toy. So, why do girls wear makeup? Just to have fun. It is a very feminine and exciting experience to choose from the different shades and tools and then experiment with the different looks one can achieve.


To express themselves

When a woman wears makeup, she is not there just to show off, but there to show everyone her womanhood, grace and elegance. It is also a way to express her uniqueness. No two girls can have the same makeup. Every girl has her own way of wearing makeup because this is how she expresses her individuality and style.


To look presentable

Girls are very particular with how they look especially in public gatherings. They feel good and confident when they know that their look is presentable and appropriate for the occasion.

How to Apply Makeup Perfectly


Apply moisturizer

The question "Why do girls wear makeup?" is not only about looking good, but also about maintaining healthy skin. The first step of applying makeup is to use a moisturizer after washing your face, which has SPF so it’s fine to skip your sunblock. When applying moisturizer, do not dip your fingers into the cream to avoid contamination. Scoop little amount with the use of spatula or cotton swab and then apply evenly.


Use a primer

A primer helps your foundation and concealer set in. It will make your makeup last longer and give your skin a soft look even without foundation. Warm up a small amount and massage it gently to your face. Make sure to apply it evenly including your neck.


Choose a good foundation

If you want light coverage, choose a tinted foundation for everyday use and a full coverage foundation for special occasions. Blend your foundation well using a sponge and don’t forget to apply some on your neck. From here you can get another answer to "Why do girls wear makeup?"--to have an even-toned skin. Nobody wants to have that “white face yet dark neck” look.


Use a concealer

A concealer is used to hide problem areas such as acne marks and other skin blemishes. Use two shades of concealer, a lighter shade and a darker shade. Blend them at the back of your hand. If you are satisfied with the color, apply it on the target areas only with a brush. Remember, less is always more.


Apply powder

Powder prevents your skin from being shiny, makes your skin look smoother and hides small imperfections. When applying powder, it is recommended to use a sponge instead of a brush. Fold it like a taco and tap any excess powder. In that way, the foundation is set without leaving any particles behind.


Apply eyeshadow

Use an eyeshadow primer if you want it to stay longer, or you may also use a long wearing eyeshadow cream. "Why do girls wear makeup?" To enhance their makeup skills and to have fun. Remember, when applying eyeshadow, blend it well from the center of the lid going outwards.


Use eyeliner

Eyeliner adds volume to your lashes, but do not use heavy eyeliners for an everyday look. When applying eyeliner, start with the roots of your lashes and then brush it to make it look more natural. Never put eyeliner on the inside of your lids because this may lead to eye infections.


Use mascara

Curl your lashes before applying mascara and don’t forget to change your mascara every three months. Start at the base of your lashes when applying mascara and wiggle the wand a little bit as you go upwards. Apply one to two coats.


Apply blush

Another reason of "Why do girls wear makeup?" is because they can have that rosy cheeks look because of the blush. It makes them look radiant and gets rid of that pale look. Do not apply blush all the way to your cheekbone; instead apply it on the apple of your cheeks to make it look more natural.


Add lip color

Using lipstick adds life to your makeup, so don’t be afraid to try different shades depending on your mood. Use a lip brush to apply the color at the bottom of your lips and then roll your lips together to spread it out. Apply some more on the edges of your lips to make it even.


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