When we were little, our parents taught us to never tell a lie. Honesty is the best policy, after all. Sure that worked when we were younger, but now that we’re a little older, we tend to stretch the truth just a little bit…especially with our parents. What they don’t know can’t hurt them, right? Here are some of the little white lies we tell our parents, for their own peace of mind. Check out if you have been one of them.

Part 1

1. “I really don’t go out all that often. Maybe like once a weekend.”

2. “And if I do, I only have one drink. Two drinks, tops.”

3. “Of course I never take shots! Vodka is soooo gross.”

4. “I was totally in bed at like, midnight last night. Probably earlier.”

5. “I feel awesome this morning! Never better.”

6. “I’m actually spending all day in the library.”

7. “Yeah, I have an assignment due in a few weeks that I want to get a jumpstart on it.”

8. “Oh, that exam? Don’t worry, the professor said he would curve it.”

9. “Other than that, my GPA is looking great!”

10. “Yes, I did my laundry this week. Even separated lights and darks.”

11. “And I cleaned my room!”

12. “Don’t worry, I’m eating enough fruits and vegetables.”

13. “And of course I’m making time for balanced breakfast every morning.”

14. “I absolutely love my classes! I never, ever skip.”

15. “Not even to sleep in. Or nap in the middle of the afternoon. Psh.”

16. “What happened to all my money? I spent it on… textbooks.”

17. “If you lend me some more, I promise to save it and not buy clothes.”

18. “Do I have a special someone? Are you kidding me! I have to focus on my studies! No time for distractions.”

19. “No, I did not watch Netflix all day instead of going to the gym. That’s ridiculous.”

20. “The job search is going super well! I’ve been sending out resumes like crazy!”

21. “That’s why I can’t come home this weekend. I have way too much homework and job apps to work on.”

22. “But I’ll call you soon! This week, for sure.”


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