These days, it’s possible to find just about any movie or TV show you could every want to watch right there on the web and with instant access available. Perhaps even better is the way in which there are so many sites offering the best movies of today, tomorrow and yesterday 100% free of charge and with no hidden catches. Want to find out where to stream movies for free? Here is a quick overview of some best tried and tested examples of websites to stream movies for free.8 Best Websites to Stream Movies for Free

Where to Stream Movies for Free: 8 Best Free Movie Streaming Websites for You



A great place to head for new and old movies alike, everything that’s on offer at MovieTv4U is 100% free of charge and the quality tends to be great. Although there is a mandatory signup policy, doing so is free and also opens up a series of additional benefits, such as being able to create your own unique playlist. It’s also great for socializing with the online chat option. 

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YIFY is a bit like having your own private video rental store in your living room with 100% free of charge–that’s how good it is. There’s no disputing fact that it’s one of the best services of its kind on the web right now and is also hugely professional. It’s easy to use and there are multiple ways to search, all you need to do is to sign up, and there is no charge for doing so. 

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The very best thing of all about iMovieTube is the fact that you can legally watch any of the movies here without having to first own a copy. The reason is that it’s populated with independent movies and public pictures that are in no way licensed in such a way as to demand that you own a copy or pay a penny to watch them. For underground hits you won’t see anywhere else, this is for sure a place to go. 

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Alluc does the job ok, but it neither has an archive that’s nearly as big as its rivals nor the quality of the movies is always up to par. However, if you’re happy to cope with this, then you’ll be rewarded with an easy user interface, a site that’s rarely slowed by congestion and a promise of far fewer ads than most of other sites. 

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Prime Wire

Very professional in appearance and with a great user interface. There are tons of movies to choose from while quality does inevitably vary. Moreover, as soon as there is a good copy of a movie to be found, you will find it here. It’s all free of charge which means the site makes it money from advertising, so don’t be too surprised if you get a tiny bit annoyed from time to time with the ads. But still, it’s free!

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Don’t go falling into thinking that Movie4K is all about streaming super HD blockbusters, sadly the name is a bit misleading. However, what the site does manage to do pretty awesomely is bringing to you some of the best movies of all time, including the latest blockbusters all under a single roof. The quality is great, the user interface is simple and you’ll find yourself compelled to come back time and time again. 

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As cool as the name suggests, IceFilmsTube is all about bringing the best currently blockbusters to its members in a single click. It chalks up thousands of views every day and members find themselves being presented with a series of additional perks, including the option of diving into an archive of strictly 18+ adult movies, which is always a nice bonus!

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To be honest, MegaShare is a bit of a mixed bag though is still worth trying. In terms of the movie collection, the quality of the website and the videos is really not a bad thing you can say. You again will be asked to sign up, but don’t have to pay a penny for doing so, which means no hidden charges to worry about ever. But the site has apparently been suffering a few hosting issues as the reliability of the video files presented isn’t always great.

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