It is true that men are always concerned about their penis size, and most of them aren’t happy with what they've got down there. In many cultures, they associate the size of your penis with your masculinity, and it has also been a symbol of strength, fertility, virility, courage, and ability. This often makes young men ask, "When does your penis stop growing?"

The interesting thing is that when they don't get a satisfactory answer to "When does the penis stop growing", they even don't mind trying everything that's available to add at least a few inches to their penis. Unfortunately, that's only a waste of time and money – and in some cases, it affects your overall health as well. It is therefore a good idea to ask first, "At what age does your penis stop growing?" and then look for other ways to change your size. Sometimes, you're size is perfectly normal for your age, and there is no need to try any harmful ways with a hope to gain an inch or two.


When Does Your Penis Stop Growing?

Everyone knows the size of the penis will grow during puberty. Your body undergoes serious changes during puberty and you start to look more like a man and less like a child. Most boys will hit puberty between ages 10 and 14. As puberty may happen at different times for different guys, the penis may reach its full size when you are 13 or it may keep growing until you're 18.

So, at what age does your penis stop growing? It's the age when you finish puberty. It varies from person to person, which is the reason you may look different from your friends of your age. Generally, you should reach your full size by 16 after which the penis will stop growing in most cases. In some cases, the penis doesn't stop growing completely until the age of 21.


Average Penis Size

Just like asking, "When does your penis stop growing?" Young boys will always ask, "What is the average penis size?" Again, it's quite confusing because there are average length figures available for adults, but there are not figures for teenagers because they continue to grow at different ages. Based on a review of 50 studies on penis size, the average erect penis size for adults is somewhere between 5.5 inches and 6.3 inches. The average girth of a penis is 4.7- inches. It is, however, important to point out that a penis is considered small only if it's smaller than 3 inches in length.

Quite interestingly, it is easy to notice a great deal of variation in the angle of an erect penis. Some penises point straight down, others straight up. Some have a slight bend to the right or left. A slight bend is perfectly normal, unless it causes you pain while having sex. You may want to see your doctor to ensure it's not due to a disease called Peyronie's disease.


Does Penis Enlargement Products Work?

Just like asking, "When does your penis stop growing?" it's common for men to ask, "Does penis enlargement products work?" While there are many options, most advertised methods are generally ineffective and may even cause damage to your penis. Here are some of the most common penis enlargement products in use today:

  • Pills and lotions: These pills contain minerals, vitamins, and some herbs that manufacturers claim will enlarge your penis. These products are completely ineffective and are actually quite harmful.

  • Vacuum pumps: Often used to treat erectile dysfunction, the vacuum pumps work by drawing blood into your penis. This may make your penis "look" a bit larger, but the effect is only temporary. The problem is that you may even end up damaging elastic tissue in your penis if you use these pumps for too long or too often.

  • Exercise: Also called "jelqing", these exercises involve pushing blood from the base of your penis to its head through a hand-over-hand motion. You may find it a relatively safer technique, but there is no scientific prove that it actually works. It may, however, lead to pain, scar formation, and disfigurement.

  • Stretching: The technique involves attaching an extender device to your penis to stretch it by a couple of centimeters. Again, there isn't enough scientific proof to support this penis enlargement technique.


What Can You Do If You Aren't Satisfied with Your Penis Size?

It is common for young boys to think their penis is not as large as it should be. Unfortunately, there isn't a safe or guaranteed way to add a few inches to your penis. Still, you can try a number of ways and hope for the best.

  • Discuss it with your partner: It may not be easy, but you have to discuss your sexual preferences with your partner before taking the plunge. It may surprise you that your partner is happy with what you've got down there.

  • Lose weight: Your penis may only look smaller due to your "beer gut". The simple solution is to exercise regularly to lose your belly fat. With better physical conditioning, you may not be entirely unhappy with your penis size. Regular exercise will also help improve your endurance during sex.

  • Keep your pubic hair trimmed: A lot of pubic hair around the shaft of your penis may make it look shorter. Trim those hair and you may be surprised to notice that your penis is actually quite normal. Doing this will also improve sensitivity around your penis.

  • Talk to your doctor: Feeling unhappy about the size of your penis is something only a thing in your mind. Talking to a doctor or a counselor will help resolve the issue. You may start to feel better with reassurance, so be sure to check with a professional before you try anything out of the box to gain a few inches.


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