Over 90% of people have one of 3rd molars during their lifetime, often referred to as the wisdom tooth. Most people remove all four to avoid any dental problem in the future. If you pass through this procedure, knowing the right food to eat after your surgery can help you recover smoothly. Try some of the following nutritious and tasty foods to make your recovery easier after extracting a wisdom tooth.

What to Eat After Tooth Extraction: Try These 10 Nutritious And Tasty Foods!



Applesauce has a smooth, pureed texture which makes it an appropriate food for you to eat after you remove your wisdom teeth. Applesauce has lots of dietary fiber and vitamin C, which are important constituents of a healthy diet. Eating this snack that is rich in nutrients requires little jaw movement, which will help the healing process and make sure you do not end up with sores.


Ice Cream

Do you love ice cream? You may not know that ice cream is often recommended to eat after tooth extraction, as it is cold that help the wound heal and prevent the wound from infection. Soft-serve ice cream seems to be the most preferable, mostly for the first few days after the teeth removal procedure, and you must make sure you avoid cones. Next time someone asks you what to eat after tooth extraction, you can recommend ice cream, too. Only remember that be sure to use a small spoon when eating ice cream.



Yoghurt has a smooth consistency which makes it the ideal food for anyone who has been through a wisdom to extraction. Avoid all granola-containing yoghurts or anyone with an added ingredient that requires chewing. Eating a light yoghurt flavor such as strawberry or lemon gives you part of the nutrients you require and makes taking recommended medications for discomfort and pain easier.


Instant Oatmeal

Any instant oatmeal will offer you a quick snack which can be eaten easily. It is sometimes flavored with syrup, sugar, or jams to create a unique blend of flavors. Save your instant oatmeal for up to 3 days, since your wisdom teeth may still be in the healing process and the oats may simply cause irritations. Though there is no need to add sliced fruits, you can eat packets that have small bits. Alternatively, you can try instant wheat cream or grits for smoother consistency.


Mashed Potato

These can be easily eaten and can be alternately topped with sour gravy, sour cream. You can also add butter for the sake of variety. If your potatoes are properly mashed, it can be one of the most convenient foods to eat after extracting your wisdom teeth. You can also consider sweet potatoes.


Fruit Smoothie

This can be either fresh or frozen, mixed with yoghurt and some ice. This blend makes a very healthy, chilled, and nourishing drink. To increase the nutritional value, add some protein powder and other additives.


Instant Pudding

This is yet another food you can eat easily and it comes in different flavors. If you get tired of eating sweet foods and taking sweet drinks, you may like to consider lemon-flavored pudding, since it is not so sweet-tasting.


Cold Drink

Most of these beverages are quite acceptable, but your recommended pain reliever may not go well with alcohol. You should also avoid drinking very chilled water, as this may increase the pain.



These can be quite easy to drink and can be good choices of foods after your wisdom teeth extraction. Make sure you do not use any straw, as this may be dangerous for some time after you have extracted your wisdom teeth. Ask for a spoon instead if you are ordering from a restaurant.



Most foods contain lots of meat or vegetables which are mostly too large, but some are quite acceptable.

After this procedure, two of the most convenient foods to eat (you should wait for some days before you eat any soup) are cream of celery and chicken noodle.

Instructions You Must Follow After Tooth Extraction

After your wisdom teeth extraction, you will be sent to your home for recovery. Having known what to eat after tooth extraction, you still need to remember some crucial instructions, e.g. recovering will naturally take some days. And to minimize the comfort, reduce infection risks and make the recovery process speedy, you should follow any of the following;

  • Take the prescribed painkillers and stick to doctor's prescription.

  • Bite gently but firmly on the gauze pad your dentist placed to minimize the bleeding and allow the formation of a clot in your tooth socket. Before the gauze pads get soaked with blood, change them. Otherwise, leave the pad for about 3-4 hours.

  • Apply ice bag to the area affected as soon as the procedure is completed to reduce the swelling. Keep the ice for about 10 minutes on a stretch.

  • Make sure you relax for about 24 hours after the teeth extraction. Reduce your physical activities for about 2 days.

  • Make sure you do not rinse or spit forcefully for about 24 hours after you extract your teeth, this is to make sure you do not dislodge the clot that just formed in your socket.

  • After a whole day, put 1/2 tsp salt in about 8oz of warm water and rinse your mouth.

  • Avoid drinking from a straw for 24 hours.

  • Avoid smoking, this can hinder the healing process.

  • Do not eat hard foods, eat foods like pudding, soup, yoghurt, or applesauce the day following your teeth extraction. As the site heals, you can add solid foods to your diet gradually.

  • Pop your head with pillows while lying down. Lying down flat may prolong the bleeding.

  • Continue brushing and flossing your teeth, and make sure you brush your tongue also, but always skip the extraction site. This will help prevent any kind of infection.


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