There are so many things that a person needs to consider when applying for a job. Dressing the part and making sure you are ahead of schedule for the interview are important points, but they are just part of the big picture. Having a standout resume is an important first step in the interview process. The candidate has all of his or her achievements documented which will help create a positive and professional first impression.

Part 1: What Makes You the Best Candidate for This Position?

Step 1

Before you go on a job interview, you need to ask yourself the question “Why am I the best candidate for the job?” or "What makes youi the best candidate fro this position." ahead of your prospective employer. Having the answer in place ahead of time will make you prepared and be able to respond with confidence.

Step 2

When you are preparing your response to this question, take time to make note of your previous experience, the talents and skills that make you qualified for this position. When you are answering the question at the interview, stick to the traits without using stories that often become longer than planned and will ultimately lose the attention of the interviewer.

Step 3

When you are going over your personal traits, make sure that you only bring up those pertinent to the position. This will showcase your strengths without watering them down with other qualities that would have no bearing on the job.

Step 4

It is okay to discuss your previous experience in depth if it is relevant to the position you are interviewing for. Specific details will show that you may be more prepared than another applicants.

Step 5

With as much experience and confidence that you may bring to the table, try to present it in a humble yet self-assured way. Boasting about your accomplishments will have the opposite effect on the interview process. Acknowledge that you are aware that there are other candidates who are qualified for this position, but segue into what traits and achievements set you apart.

Step 6

Practice makes perfect, so make sure you rehearse your responses prior to the interview. Have a friend help you out or at least practice in front of a mirror, so you are comfortable with your responses. Make sure you can answer the question with ease and confidence.

Part 2: Why Do Interviewers Ask You This Question?

Some Related and Alternative Questions

  • How would you respond if I told you that you I have found another candidate who I think is more suited for the job?

  • I’m not sure you have the qualifications we’re looking for. What would make me want to hire you?

  • If I am not totally convinced that you are the right person for the job, what could you tell me that would make me reconsider?

  •  Is this a job that you really want and feel you could perform to the best of your abilities?

Intensions Behind This Question

When you are being interviewed for a job, you have to remember that the company is looking for the best candidate they can find. If they have to take the time to interview a number of people, they want to make every effort to ensure they are hiring the best candidate for the job. This is not a process they want to repeat in another few months.

Asking tougher questions, such as the ones above, are almost a test of how much you really want the job. It also challenges your confidence and commitment levels. If you don’t feel that you are the best candidate for the job, why should the interviewer?

It is up to you to sell yourself. You have to show the interviewer why not hiring you would be a big mistake. Remind them how your achievements, experience and accomplishments are perfectly in line with the qualifications required of the position. In addition, you should show your level of commitment and make it clear that you are interested in being a part of their company for the long run.

Here is a video showing ansample answer to qustion: what makes you the best candidate for this position in a mock interview:


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