Stereotypes associated with our hair colour are numerous: Blondes are sexy but stupid, redheads have a fiery temperament and brown necessarily play the mysterious. It's time to knock these pictures and really learn what your hair colour says about you. If the colour of our eyes already says a lot about our personality, it seems that hair colour also reveals many things about our small boutique.

What Does Your Hair Colour Says Your Personality?


Are you Blonde?

Did you know that only 10% of the world population is blonde birth. And yes, this hair color is due to recessive genes - which means that both parents must be both fair to give birth to a child who will have the same hair color as them. So much for the genetic side of things!

Personality aside, it has been scientifically proven that blondes have more fun than others! A study by the University of Nottingham in 2008 ensures that the girls are not only fun, they also have more confidence in them .This helps them in their private life and also in professional lives. They say that blonde women are demanding and feminine. They also symbolize a certain idea of youth and innocence. Previously considered as futile, they have thankfully passed that stereotype. A study by the University of Queensland in 2010 even reveals that they are better paid than their colleagues!


Are you red?

When one imagines a red-haired woman, it is often the image of a warrior with a fiery temperament that comes to mind. Obviously, all redheads do not have an explosive character, but what is certain is that they are rare. Even rarer that blondes! Today, red represent only 1-2% of the world population and 4% of the European population (All thanks to the United Kingdom).

Side character traits that redheads possess are something artistic in nature. They are creative, spontaneous women, romantic and who are not afraid to say what they think. In bed, they would also be more liberated than other women. According to the American doctor, Svetlana Kogan," redheads are associated with fire and a rebellious attitude. And when people expect you to be 'hot', it is possible that you become exactly that they expect from you ". Also note that pheomelanin (the pigment that gives this flamboyant colour your hair) would be responsible for the higher resistance to anaesthesia redheads.


Do you have brown hair?

Brown is one of the most common colors in the world but there are still lots of varieties. Dark brown, brown, light brown, golden brown, classic brown, hazelnut etc. In short, not have to be a blonde angelic or a flamboyant redhead to feel unique. Often described as intelligent and workers, the brown even have irrefutable evidence to prove it. Research has in fact shown that the majority of people who have won the Nobel Prize had brown hair. So serious, these women are also deemed to have a great confidence and to listen to others. And while legend has it that men prefer blondes (Marilyn thank you), a study by the University of Westminster says that these gentlemen are actually more attracted to brunettes. Finally, a US survey showed that women with dark hair were more likely to get a job than others. Women CEOs and said that if they were to hire a candidate based solely on her hair color, they would be 67% to choose a brunette.


Raven, a type of black hair is the most common color in the world. Black-haired women are considered to be very attentive to others and therefore would make good therapists and psychologists. It is said of them that they are deep and they are interested in spirituality. Others say that the mysterious side of their ebony hair can also be a disadvantage. Indeed, it would take them time to gain the trust of others. Full insurance, women with dark hair are also known to be respected.


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