Dreams are a normal part of our physiological system that helps maintain restful sleep. According to a latest research, dreaming is considered as a sign of a healthy and interactive mind and it helps the brain to transfer the thoughts that are in your temporary memory to permanent memory. Many people have a habit of dreaming about stories related to their personal life or related to their loved ones. In the dream, if they see someone dying who is not closely related, they usually ignore the dream; but if the person dying is one of their loved ones, then this fuels the curiosity to find out the reality of the dream. 

But what does it mean when you dream about someone dying? In order to satisfy the guilt, people usually search for other individuals such as priests or fortune tellers who can help them in knowing the truth, but it’s a fact that different people interpret these dreams in different ways and without any proper reference the exact reality cannot be learned.

What Does It Mean When You Have Death Related Dreams?

Death related dreams are usually covered with an intense feeling that takes your sleep away, leaving behind a confused man who is curious to know the reality. It becomes very stressful at times to find the exact truth and this stress may sometimes affect your daily life routines as well. Following are some points that are believed to be the reasons of death related dreams.

Feeling of Guilt or To Be Judged by Someone

A bad incident associated with the past can make you feel guilty, sad or judgmental about yourself. Thinking about that mistake day and night can make that event happen again in your dreams. Sometimes you are not directly involved in any mistake but you have witnessed an incident of seeing someone dying and this feeling that you were not able to help that person can also throw you in a feeling of guilt that will rise again and again through these deaths related dreams.


Current Changes in Life

Death dreams are not always related to your past, they are also connected with your present time in many ways. Any sudden change or shock in your daily life pattern can also be a reason of these dreams. Recent changes in the relationship status such as leaving someone you love even a friend or your beloved pet, job related issues such as unfriendly relationship with fellows and boss, sudden death of a close one, etc. are the most common reasons related to current changes.


Feeling of Fear

Feeling of fear is the most common cause of having these types of dreams. Fear of anything either it’s a human or an animal or any fear of past can lead to death related dreams. Fear of losing someone, different phobias such as fear of height, blood, water, etc. and any bad childhood memories that has imprinted some fear in your mind also make you liable that you see someone dying in your dreams, mostly the person who is behind that fear and not acceptable to you.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone Dying?


Psychological Disturbances

Human mind is composed of two sets, conscious stage and subconscious stage. Both states remain separate when we are awake, but at the time of sleep these may mingle. The things that we have experienced during the conscious stage can transfer into our subconscious stage and this can be the reason of seeing someone’s death in dreams. Any trauma, shock, unfavorable condition can play a role in developing these disturbances.


Indication of Pregnancy

According to ancient myths, seeing someone dying in your dreams is an indication of getting pregnant soon. Although no scientific research has proved this concept, it is a fairly popular concept.


Incomplete Personality

According to a theory, it is believed that if you experience someone in your surrounding as overly dominating or possessing some qualities that you don’t have, then you may suffer from such dreams in which you see that person dying.


Disgracing the Possessed Qualities

A totally different and opposite theory also exists according to which if you are blessed with extra ordinary qualities and you are not utilizing them, then you will experience someone dying in your dreams as a feeling of disgrace that the qualities are not appreciated.



One of the most accepted theories of seeing death related dreams is the truth of vengeance and hate. You naturally develop a sense of hate for individuals who has not done well to you or betrayed you, or a person who is the reason for separation from your loved one.


Negative Thoughts

One of the most accepted theories suggest that if you are suffering from negative thoughts regardless if the thoughts are temporary or permanent, you develop a feeling of self-worthlessness or lack of confidence that can lead to dreams of death.


Fear of Losing

It is the most logical reason which specifies that seeing someone dying in your dreams, for instance your loved ones, is an indication that you love that person and you have a fear of losing them. Usually, your loved ones who are already dead such as parents, friends, etc. also develop a fear sense in your brain and will remind you about the incident in these dreams.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About the Dead?

Now that you know what does it mean when you dream about someone dying, there's still more questions about dreaming the dead.

If you find yourself talking to a dead in your dreams, this indicates that you are surrounded by people who are not compatible with you and this compatibility issue is causing a negative effect on your personality. This also symbolizes some kind of material loss and you need to get recovered from that loss as early as possible.


Dreams are an indication of what we are thinking. If you are constantly seeing a person who is recently died, this means that you miss that person and he had left some impact on your mind. It also indicates that you are adapting the problems similar to that of the person you are seeing in your dreams.


Usually you use dreams as a channel to talk to those people who are gone such as parents. The fear of losing a person also leads you to this path. These dreams may also mean that you are trying to understand their death.


Seeing dead siblings indicates that you miss the fun and time spent with them. You select dreams for reliving those experiences.


Parents who have lost their child in any incident dream of that child might mean that they want to keep their child through their thoughts and want to see him grow up in their dreams.


If you see a person dying who is already dead, then this is an indication that you miss that person on some special occasion which is related to that person such as birthday, anniversary, etc.


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