Many interviewers ask you the question: what can you contribute to the company you are applying to. They want to know what you will be bringing to the table and how the company will make the right decision in hiring you. Therefore, you need to have an appropriate and convincing answer to this question and that can be given by discussing your past accomplishments and your future ambitions.

Guidelines of Answering This Question

Knowing some guidelines to answer "what can you contribute to the company" can help you stand out in a job interview. Also, answering "what can you contribute to the company" in a professional manner can make you an impressive candidate to the recruiter.

Do Not Be Vague About Things

Whenever someone asks you this question, you need to be very specific regarding the skills you have and what you are willing to do for the company. You have to be specific about what you will be bringing to the table and try to avoid generic terms when answering this question.


Try to Answer with Logic

Whenever an interviewer is asking you this question, they are looking for a very rational and to the point answer. When you make use of logic to answer this particular question, you will easily impress the interviewer. If you do not make any sense, then you will not have any chances of impressing the interviewer.

You should also be careful before you go to the interview and read up on their company, then you will be able to figure out how your skills best match for the company you are applying for.


Give a Details Account

When answering this question, you should keep in mind to provide the interviewer with the specific details regarding the skills that you have, your past experience and other traits that you have as a professional. If you do not mention something, it will lower your chances of being analyzed as a candidate by the interviewer.


Be Confident

Most of the time, things go wrong when people are not aware of how they should answe a question. Yet, when someone wants to hire an employee, they are considering him or her as an investment. If the employee does not answer the questions in the right manner, they will not consider the employee to be a part of their firm. They want the prospect emplyee is someone with confidence.


Your Capabilities

During an interview, you have to make sure your capabilities shine in your answer. Try to mention your capabilities in proper manners as much as poossible. If you do not mention them to the interviewer then how will he or she ever find out about them? 


Keep It Relevant

Remeber to keep your answer relating to the quesstion. You can add relevant accomplishments and past experience, so that they can consider you as someone who will be a good fit for the company.

Brief Sample Answers

Sample 1

“I am an individual who has a very creative mind. My abilities and my ideas are unique and actionable. I have, in the past, introduced radical ideas regarding coordination and filing in my previous companies. The results have been amazing.”

Sample 2

“I am not the kind of person who does not think about the practicality of his or her ideas. I am one who not only considers the results, but the aftermath of the result as well. My company is important to me, which is why I am always mindful of the repercussions of my ideas and my actions.”

More Samples

To answer "what can you contribute to the company", there are some more brief samples you can take as the reference.

  • I am someone who likes to work hard and put 100% in their work.

  • I am an efficient worker who is set and focused on getting things done in the right way

  • I believe in working smarter rather than working harder and I have always applied that principle in my life.

  • I can perform exceptionally well, solo and with a group of people

  • My experience, my network and my knowledge have been expanding and I am an ambitious person, and I hope that would happen continuously. 

  • Keep clear of you strengths. You can put your advantages into a chart or a list, therefore you can at least select 3 strengths that are in accordance with the job description.
  • Prepare some examples with details regarding on how your strengths will benefit the company or what you can contribute to the company.
  • Make the interviewers know that you care the company's development and self improvement equally. And you can try to state your career goals or plans in bigger vision.
  • As a potential employee, you have to carry out ample research regarding the company that you are applying to. This is important as you can gain some insight into the company you are applying to.

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