Whenever you think of a well paid jobs, your mind automatically jumps to select a few professions that most people perceive as lucrative in the common sense. You might think that being a CEO of a well-established and reputable firm might be one of the highest paying jobs in the world. In addition, being a landlord or even being a politician ensures that you get a hefty paycheck at the end of the month. These professions are well known for their lucrative nature, but there are many other lines of jobs that can offer you a chance to earn high salary without being a CEO, a proprietor or even a Mayor.

A lot of careers in the professional world come with the promise of a large paycheck at the end of every month. These careers are probably the ones that you have never even heard of or considered for yourself.

Top 15 Well Paid Jobs


Software Developer

Annual salary: $44,545-$96,405

A software developer, as the name suggests, is responsible for the development of software programs and games. These games are supposed to be applications that people use in their everyday lives such as games on your mobile phones or laptops. They are also responsible for the production of system focused programmes on your computer and for building the operating systems of your machines. A software developer can be concerned with the production, repair or maintenance of software in any kind of device that we use in our everyday lives.


Computer Systems Analyst

Annual salary: $79, 680 (2012)

A computer systems analyst is someone who is extremely focused, dedicated, hardworking and process orientated. A computer systems analyst has to be focused on his or her goals and determined; they must have a proper and sufficient knowledge of things regarding software, networks, hardware and other such things. They also need to be aware of how these things work in accordance with one another. Their job is to make recommendations to corporations on the basis of their knowledge and expertise.



Annual salary: up to $151, 377

A dentist is always needed no matter what time or area you are living in. Therefore, it is not surprised that dentist is one of the well paid jobs. Teeth need to be maintained and taken care of, and the diagnosis of gum and teeth diseases is an imperative task. Maintaining good oral health is an essential part of today’s lifestyle, which is why being a dentist is in one of the well paid jobs. 


Nurse Practitioner

Annual salary: $96, 374

A nurse practitioner has a lot of capabilities that can all be put to good use and are usually very much in demand in all places. They are also capable of working independent of physicians whenever they are involved in the task of treating or curing a patient. This is why the nurse practitioner is concidered a good career choice for people who wish to figure out a career for themselves. What’s more, nurse practitioners work to save lives, make a difference and do something good for humanity while making a living.



Annual salary: up to $121,895

A pharmacist has a lot of responsibility, because they are in a very customer oriented work environment while mixing technical things and organizational skills together. They not only have to cater to customers but are also responsible for their health. If you are a pharmacist taking your job seriously, then you must know that verifying prescriptions is a task you have to undertake. You are the person handing over certain medications to people who either need them or exploit them. Although it is well paid, the pharmacist is not an easy job to undertake.


Physical Therapist

Annual salary: up to $79,453

As a physical therapist, you will be working to bring a person who is a survivor of a certain disease back into the recovery process. These survivors have to go through physical therapy in order to return to normal life and to avoid recurrence of the disease. In a similar fashion, someone who has recently suffered a paralytic injury and needs to regain mobility also undergoes physical therapy. The people who have recovered from a disease may also opt for physical therapy in order to renew their own strength, the kind of strength they had before the disease struck them. Recovering from an operation may also require physical therapy.



Annual salary: despends on specific position

With more and more attention paid on health issues, physician is listed on the list of well paid jobs. A physician is someone who is at the top of the health care department, as it is part of their job description to observe patients and then diagnose their ailment or disease. They also have to see the patient after the disease or ailment has been diagnosed so that they can recover. They are the ones who instruct their patients regarding important things such as proper hygiene or cautionary measures. They have to instruct the patient about the proper diet they need to take as well. 


Web Developer

Annual salary: depends on specific postion

Web developers are people who are behind the computer screens of the technological world. They are the ones who take care of the fonts and other layouts on your computer screens and on websites all over the world. This is known as one of the fastest growing jobs in the world. 


Dental Hygienist

Annual salary: up to $68, 939

Dental hygienist is someone who is responsible for your oral health and even though the common perception is that dental hygienists only clean teeth, they have more responsibilities than that. They are also responsible for the proper education of patients on the topic of oral hygiene. This is one of the most important and fastest growing jobs in the world because there is not enough awareness regarding proper oral hygiene. 


Air Traffic Controller

Annual salary: about $118, 420

Air traffic controllers are people who direct the flow of commercial flights. It is another job that has been neglected and underrated but it is one of the highest paying jobs in the market. These people are responsible for the proper authorization and regulation of airline flights and their pathways. They have to be properly educated and need to complete an FAA recognized education program after which they need to complete a 12 week long training program at an FAA Academy.



Annual salary: up to $102, 550

As you may expect, astronomers are people who observe and analyze the astronomical phenomenon that occur in space. They are also the ones who conduct research regarding the movements of celestial bodies which are inclusive of galaxies, planets, moons and stars. They unveil the mysteries of space and are involved in mapping the difference planetary charts. They need to be highly educated in mathematics and physics. They also have to have a PhD degree in astrophysics, physics or astronomy. They have the chance to be employed by high-level research universities.


Art Director

Average annual salary: $94, 260

Art directors are people who are responsible for development and/or designing different creative aspects of a company. They are the ones who conceive creative and out of the box ideas for graphic design and other such things regarding the development of a website. They also determine different marketing strategies and visual communication methods.



Annual salary: up to $91, 070

Midwives are people who are another part of the health care sector, and are responsible for the process of childbirth. They take care of a woman before and after the process of childbirth and they are usually involved in OB/GYN healthcare. They can work individually or as a part of a medical team.



Average annual salary: $69, 560. 

Animator is also one of the well paid jobs. Animators are individuals who are responsible for creating and designing digital animation, special effect features and other such elements for multimedia corporations. These people are responsible for the creative aspects of movies, games, music videos, television shows and commercials.


Information Security Analyst

Annual salary: up to $54, 832

Recently, people are bothered a lot by the violation of inforamtion security. The postion of an inforamtion security analyst comes into people's sight. Generally, an information securtiy analyst needs to take charge of the securtiy of the computer networks. An inforamtion security analyst weighs quite a lot to businesses and the goverement. And it is not out of expectation that the salary of information security analyst will increase 36.5% by the year 2022.


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