For many kids, truth or dare is the most welcomed game to play with their friends while they are at camp or sleeping over. It is a game that allows you to get to know one another much better, and is often a great way to connect with one another. Even as one grows up, the truth or dare game still brings lots of fun. In a truth or dare games, one must prepare a bunch of questions in advance in order to let the game go on smoothly and get the most fun out of it. Here are some wonderful truth or dare ideas for you.

Good Truths in Truth or Dare Games

There are some fantastic truths that you can ask in a truth or dare game to add more fun to you gathering. Here are some truth questions that a person may want to consider asking:
  • There are some fantastic truths that you can ask in a truth or dare game to add more fun to you gathering. Here are some truth questions that a person may want to consider asking:

  • Of those who are in this room, which person would you choose to kiss?

  • What is the worst birthday gift you have ever received?

  • What is the one guilty pleasure that you have but you hide from everyone?

  • Have you ever lied to someone important to you?

  • Of all the people in this room, who would you date? And why did you pick that person?

  • What is the one personality trait that you hide when wanting to impress someone?

  • If your significant other were to gain 100 pounds, would you still love them?

  • What is one incident that you regret to this day? Tell everyone all about it.

  • What is the most embarrassing act that you have done but you do not want anyone to know about?

  • If you were to be granted one wish, what would this wish be?

  • What is the one fear that keeps you up at night?

  • If you only had 24 hours to live, what would you do in these hours?

  • When was the last time you had to walk away from someone in shame?

  • What article of clothing would you wear that belongs to the opposite sex?

  • What is the one prejudice that you harbor and no one knows about?

  • What excuse do you give to avoid intimacy with your partner?

  • Tell everyone about your reoccurring strange dream.

  • What do you do that would be awful if everyone caught you doing it?

  • What is the wildest fantasy that you have?

  • What is the TV show you watch but you are embarrassed to admit that you watch? What is it that you like about it?

  • Who is the last person that you stalked via social media?

  • What is the one thing that you do not like about the person that is sitting to your left?

  • What attributes are you attracted to in the opposite sex?

  • What is the wildest event that you have done in your life?

  • Who was the first person that you kissed? And when was it?

Good Dares in Truth or Dare Games

A truth or dare game is nothing without truth and dare questions that are going to make a person squirm a bit. For the most embarrassment, try out a few of these dare questions:
  • Go up to the next person that you see, give them a huge kiss on the lips, and then walk away saying nothing.

  • Stand on a street corner and have a conversation with a wall, pole or the like for 15 minutes, never acknowledging anyone else.

  • For a guy, paint your fingernails pink for the day.

  • For girls, wear a fake mustache for the entire day.

  • Call a friend in the middle of the night to tell them that you saw an alien spaceship and convince them of it.

  • Be blindfolded, dance slowly with a random player, and guess who you are dancing with by touch alone.

  • Give a lap dance to a player of choice in this room.

  • Send a love letter via Facebook to someone who you know and do not reply back to them for 2 days.

  • Answer your phone for the day by saying “You’re going to die” and hang up.

  • When someone greets you for the day, just look at them angrily and do not reciprocate the greeting.

  • Ask someone if you can buy them a drink in the bar, then order them water.

  • For guys, carry a purse for a few minutes on a crowded walkway.

  • Eat a food that is not meant to be eaten alone, such as hot chili sauce or pepper.

  • Put your hands into another players pockets and keep them there for 15 minutes, no matter what.

  • Put your underwear on your head and run around the house screaming, “I am Superman!”

  • Have toilet paper attached to your shoe, and wear this around all day long.

  • Remove a shoe and suck on a toe. If you cannot do this, then you must suck on the toe of another player.

  • Exchange one item of clothing with someone that is sitting beside you.

  • Get on all fours and howl at the moon for 10 minutes.

  • Send a text to someone that you know that says, “I know what you did last summer”. Do not reply back when they keep asking what the deal is.

  • Go up to someone on the street that you do not know and convince them that an alien sent you to find them.

  • Give a random person a hug and refuse to let go.

  • Become the slave of another person for at least 10 minutes.

  • Give a piggyback ride to the person that is seated next to you.

  • Run in circles in your front yard, screaming “I have lost my voice! Someone help me find it!”

A Funny Video of Playing Truth and Dare

If you want to see how friends play truth and dare game, check this funny video out:


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