Pest birds are one of the most nagging problems for almost all property owners across the globe. Keeping places clean and disease free is difficult as long as birds are all around. If you have birds in your surroundings, then even you might be experiencing tons of hassles every day. Besides being a nuisance and messy, such birds can lead to various sorts of ailments and hence can be highly destructive.

Recommended Bird Control Products


According to a survey conducted in November 2016, almost 45% people suffer from diseases caused by pest birds. It is because pest birds act as carriers of disease-causing substances and even they themselves are the reason for various ailments that can pose severe health hazards to people. The droppings from birds and nests carry various diseases like – West Nile Virus and Histologists. 

Another recent survey conducted by the structural and building maintenance association reveals a 70% damage of structural components due to roosting of birds and their droppings. Keeping birds away is, therefore, urgent. The task can be challenging but is actually easy if you implement professional bird control solutions.

Recommended Bird Control Products from Experts

You can easily search the market and find a range of bird control solutions as per your convenience. But to make it much easier for you, here we list some of the finest and expert- recommended bird control products that can eradicate all bird-related mess from your lifestyle.


Heavy Duty Bird Netting

If you have got birds in surroundings varying from small to medium size, then this type of bird netting will keep them away. It is a high-quality net that poses great strength and flexibility. For this reason, experts recommend this netting for places with extreme climatic conditions and effective control from pest birds. The net comes in various mesh sizes and lengths to combat entrance of virtually any sort of bird. It is perfect to block out birds from semi-enclosed regions and overhangs.

Installing this netting is pretty convenient, specifically if you call for professional installation services. Crafted from robust UV – stabilized polyethylene mesh, it is durable, waterproof, rot resistance and flame resistance, which is obtainable in a range of colors varying from black, white, green to brown and blue.


Bird Spikes made with Stainless Steel

Another bird control product from the professional range is spikes made with stainless steel. The product has been proven globally for unwelcoming birds to land. Birds can be controlled to rest on parapet walls, rooftops, curved or flat surfaces and light fixtures with the use of this product. 

The spikes are available in various sizes varying from 1, 3, 5, 8 and 10 inches width to offer enhanced protection to all sorts of areas. Some of the spikes even feature a bend and crush pattern that implies the spikes are strongly embedded in a sturdy UV – protected polycarbonate base. The base is highly flexible and can bend to almost 360 degrees, thereby offering easy installation even on mounted surfaces.


Bird Wire

There are bird wires available, which are made from the high-quality material. Such wires can be installed at places where you intend to discourage the landing of birds, like rails, signs, ledges, rooftops and other flat or curved areas. 

Being a professional bird control product, you can avail complete satisfaction and expect long – term utility from it. Bird wires are linked to springs, which are further attached to walls, mounts or posts. When birds land on these wires, they feel uncomfortable, insecure and tend to wobble. As a result, the birds shift to other secure places where they can land and rest.


Electric Bird Track System

Got Birds? No need to worry! This electric bird tracking device imparts a powerful yet harmless shock to birds that teach them to stay off from various structural areas like parapet walls, signage, ledges and similar surfaces. 

The electric track system is flexible and lightweight and can be easily installed to flat as well as curved surfaces without compromising on quality. It is a powerful bird deterrent system that delivers enhanced performance and complete safety.


Ultrasonic Bird Repellent

If you have a very big area that is most of the time occupied by messy birds, then you can clear it out at once with a ultrasonic bird repellent device. This sound deterrent device is useful to avoid entrance and landing of birds in all large areas. It is proven to deliver results for almost 22 species of birds. You can use this amazing bird control solution for deterring birds from hard to reach and lofty spaces. Since the device is water resistance, so you do not have to worry about it.

It is even incorporated with an inbuilt speaker that can cover an area up to an acre. Since it is UV powered,  so no additional access is required and hence can be placed anywhere with ease. It is one of the advanced bird control product that is humane to birds and not disturbing to users.


Make Your House Unfriendly to Birds

Besides purchasing and implementing bird control products from the professional range, there are a couple of other steps you can take to ensure that birds stay away from your house. These steps comprise not feeding the birds on your roofs, keeping trash away, eradicating water puddles that mainly occur due to sprinklers or rains, discouraging birds from making nests at exterior areas of your building or house.


Purchase Products Backed by Professional Certification

There is a range of professional bird control products available that have been designed to cater different requirements. If you are confused between various products and not sure which one will work best for you, then the finest way is to select products that are backed by professional assistance. 

There are companies offering high–quality products that can offer you with complete freedom from birds and mess related to them. We at offer best quality bird control products along with professional installation and assistance services. 


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