Hollywood producers have a real phobia about horror movies. Most of the times, the Hollywood horror movies are hilarious, and not as terrifying as it should be. Once in a while, there is a good release, but the rest of them are played only on Video On Demand.

Unfortunately, people do not think that Hollywood can produce quality horror movies as well, so it happened many times that some good horrors were underrated. Let’s see now the 8 most underrated horror movies in 2014.

Top 8 Underrated Horror Movies in 2014


Nurse 3D

Imagine a mix of exotic sexuality, some dark comic scenes, blood, random nudity and very short skimpy nurse outfits. This is Nurses 3D, a good horror movie, with funny parts and enough blood to make you find it creepy. Paz De La Huerta is playing a black widow, who is looking after men who cheat their wise so she can punish them. She likes to break their bones, but the movie is still sexy and fun in a wild way.

Extra, you will have the chance to see Paz naked or wearing a thick layer of blood instead of clothes. Only for that and you should still watch Nurses 3D. It is an entertaining horror, created for fun, gasps, laughs, and WTF moments.


Only Lovers Left Alive

Jim Jarmusch did a great job in writing and directing this movie. It respects the same style like in Broken Flowers and Ghost Dog: moody, but incredible stylish and full of symbolism. The movie has a little bit of sense of humor as well. Only Lovers Left Alive will change your way of thinking about vampire movies.

Don’t expect a Twilight movie or vampires like in 30 Days of Night. The movie is about people that have a disease, that are addicted to something. It is enigmatic, but it is a nice metaphor for heroin addiction. In Only Lovers Left Alive, people are trying to survive without becoming full vampires and they drink only synthetic blood. It is not a gore movie, but it is the last vampire movie since Let The Right One In.


The Den

The Den is a little bit more serious movie, without comedy. Its horror scenes are made though technology and brutal killing scenes. The Den presents the story of a girl who starts a graduated program that is supposed to help users interact. Instead, the girl gets a vicious stalker who wants to murder her.

Probably the movie doesn’t sounds really special, but it avoids typical stereotypes. You will get some real horror scenes when the girl’s computer is hacked and she panics. The techno-horror is more than a story about a crime, it is showing the dangers we are exposed today due to the technological evolution.


Cheap Thrills

This movie is completely opposed to Only Lovers left Alive. If that is a movie you will watch calm and deeply involved, Cheap Trills can be watched without sound and you will still get everything that is happening there. The action in the movie is quite fast. You can imagine it as a very cheap bottle of vodka that you will drink even if you know how bad it will be for you.

Cheap Thrills presents the story of Craig, a man who just lost his job and who will be soon evicted as well. One night, he meets an old friend at the bar and they start to share stories. Suddenly, they get involved in a weird thing with a couple, who wants some bizarre things from them, for some cash. It is all like in hard porn, so make sure you can watch such kind of movies without problems.


Stage Fright

Imagine Glee meets Scream and you get a horror musical. That is what Stage Fright is. The movie has a lot of style, mixing 80s music with theatrical numbers and perky songs. It could be the dream movie for any Glee hater.

The movie is all about a theatre camp that is attacked by a serial killer. The man hates musical theatre and wants to see everybody dead. Stage Fringe is a unique and original horror that managed to prove you can still make this kind of horror without being ridiculous. You will notice that the movie is a hybrid, and it is not sure it will please all the horror movie fans



Wer is a movie that will surprise you. Give it some time and try to see how awesome and original the werewolf story is presented. You will see a movie like no other before that stands out from the other.

You will watch the story of a female lawyer. She needs to defend a client accused of a murder, which had some weird aspects involved: an entire family was attacked by an animal during their vacation in a French countryside. The police already arrested a local man, who looks like being involved. There is only one problem: the only family member who survived says they were attacked by an animal. The arrested man has some mental problems, and the lawyer tries to figure out everything. We won’t tell you more, so you can discover the movie by yourself.



Afflicted is a great horror movie and everybody should watch it. The story is quite simple: there are two friends who are going on an international trip together. One of them gets a weird disease that incapacitates him for the moment. The man decides not to let this problem to ruin his amazing holiday, so he starts a trip into terrific madness. The disease is mutating and you will notice the horror elements kicking in the door.


The Returned

The Returned is another movie about the zombie apocalypse. The difference is that it just happened, and people need to find a way to deal with it. Many of them are sick and try to find a cure for it. The only pill that could help them is very expensive and almost impossible to get. The movie focuses on a doctor, Kate, and her patient, Alex. This story was told before, but never in this way.


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