The biggest question for Hollywood producers is why they adapt stories, if they plan not to respect the original script and change it completely? It happened many times with many amazing books. The perfect example is I am legend, which was a great book but a mediocre movie. So, how does it happen?

It happened many times that in the process of adapting a comic book into a movie the producer simply lost the core ideas and changed it completely. Sometimes, you even get the feeling that the producers didn’t read the comic book at all. Even the basic scenes or examples in the movies have differences than the original book.

When we tried to make the list for this top, we discovered that most of the movies made after comic books do not respect the real story. Let’s see the comic book movies that have nothing in common with the source material.

Top 7 Comic Book Movies That Have Nothing in Common with the Source Material


The Mask

The Mask movie is one of the most famous comic movies ever, and it is really fun and quite popular. Unfortunately, it has nothing in common with the original comic book, but most of people didn’t read it and don’t know how was it supposed to be. Everything that was fun and enjoyable in the book disappeared in the movie. Hollywood tried to make the film in a way that anybody can understand and enjoy it, but they lost its main spirit.

The main difference between the Dark Horse comic book and Jim Carey’s movie is the total absence of homicidal rage of The Mask. In the comic book, the Mask kills some cops from the beginning of the story, while the movie is more a Looney Tunes cartoon.


Alien Vs. Predator

Alien vs. Predator was supposed to be a movie based on the Dark Horse comic book as well. But of course, it didn’t really happen. Can you imagine the two main characters, dark and brutal, in a fight on a big screen? The movie would have been pretty intense and visceral. However, we got two creatures from space, trying to take each other down. It is not a movie, it is pretty hilarious and almost unbelievable it happened. The producers simply ruined the story.



We simply cannot say that Constantine is a movie based on the DC/Vertigo comic book. Maybe with The Mask or other characters from comic books, you can still see common features with the character in the movie. But in Constantine, Hellblazer was completely killed. There is no similarity.

Officially, John Constantine was supposed to be the policeman called Sting in the comic book. But when producers adapted the book into a movie, they totally forgot how Sting was and just created a new character. The only problem is they still say Constatine is based on Sting.

Even if we like Keanu Reeves – he is a great actor, he was the worst choice for John Constantine. There are also other important moments and actions in the comic book that you don’t see in the movie.


The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen

As every Allen Moore comic book that was ruined when it was adapted into a movie (for example From Hell or V for Vendetta), The League of Extraordinary Gentleman was destroyed as well. Seems like Hollywood enjoys destroying Moore’s stories and transform them in films without substance.

This adaptation was one of the biggest mistakes and proved that even if the comic book was a great success, the movie can be a completely fail. What Hollywood usually does is to take the main character and to write a new story around him. But this will never make fans happy. Missing the main point of the story will just transform the movie in a big fail.


Man Of Steel

Maybe the Man of Steel movie is great. Many people liked it and it was a success. It was entertaining, and easym and fun to watch. But unfortunately, the portrait of Superman is completely different than the original one from the comic book. We can understand that Hollywood producers need to create characters for everybody’s taste, but you cannot simply rape of a character like that.

Superman is a hero, he cannot just snap somebody’s neck at the end of the story; he needs to save the world. Also, if the producers would have chosen to save the guy, there could have been a great sequel to the story.

Maybe the movie was nice to watch for that summer, but it didn’t respect Superman as the hero he is.



Mark Millar wrote the comic book Wanted in a funny way. He always had a love/hate relationship with his fans, because of his way of treating the characters. But what happened with Wanted, the movie is completely different. From the beginning, Wanted comic book shouldn’t have been transformed in a movie. Ever!

In the comic book, the heroes rape and kill cope for fun. And definitely, you cannot put this into a movie and it didn’t happen. The producers tried to have a bad guy as the hero of the movie, hoping the world will like it. The comic book was all about crimes and bad things, which is not the case of the movie. At least, we had a criminal organization, bullet and a naked Angelina Jolie.


X-Men Originis: Wolverine

The Wolverine comic book was completely destroyed when it was transformed into a movie. Wolverine is not Wolverine anymore. And putting him in the spotlight was not a good idea, since the character likes to stay private most of the time. Why do they really have to change the storyline?

The producers decided to put Wolverine in trouble just like The Hulk, to torture him and give him bad days. But shouldn’t be there a reason first for all of this? Instead, they decided to make Wolverine a woodsman in the Pacific. And they expected fans to be happy about it?


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