Probably you are already used with “Top 10 best movies” or “Top 10 best shows” or any other list that present the best music or the best games. These lists are most of the time the same. They don’t bring anything new and you got used to read it. Well, it is time for something different. With so many movies on the market, we need to find out also which movie had the best sex scenes or in which movie we saw the scariest bad guy.

Now, we will try to figure it out the 6 most disturbing movie scenes. So, which movie have you seen lately and you found really disgusting? Actually, what makes a movie scene being disturbing? Things may depend from a person to another. You may find something disturbing, but your friend could think about it only as a horror scene. For you, a person who breaks a leg could be disturbing, while for others an odd act of sex can be disturbing. But maybe somebody will find it sexy!

As you can see, things are subjective, and this top is as well. Let’s see 6 movie scenes that most of the people will find really disturbing.

Top 6 Movie Scenes That You Will Find Really Disturbing


Maniac - The Opening Scene

Just imagine it is night and you are in front of a club; everybody is coming out when you see a woman you really like. You see her perfectly, but she cannot see you. You can see she had a couple of drinks. Another man tries to hit on her, but all she wants is to go home. She gets rid of him and start to walk on NYC streets.

At this moment, you start the car, beginning to follow her slowly. You get nervous in her presence so you make a mistake and get too close to her. She notices it, panics and tries to run away from you. You are just smiling, because it is not the first time you are following her, so you know exactly where is her house.

When she gets home and tries to open the door, you are already there. She is screaming while you push her inside, but you don’t care. It is not a dream.

You start cutting a slash all along her hairline, putting your hands in the folds. Even if she is screaming, you ignore it and pull the entire scalp from her bloody head.

And this entire scene is shot in first person. Everything looks like YOU are doing it. These are the five first minutes from Maniac, a great movie, but a very disturbing start scene.


Simon Killer – Thumb in the Ass

Not many people saw Simon Killer, even if it is one of the best movies of 2013. The movie is directed by Antonio Campos (Martha Marcy May Marlene), with Brady Corbet (Funny Games) as the main star. If you didn’t see it yet, you need to do it, because it is different than everything you saw before.

The movie is about Simon, a young man who arrives in France. He just broke up with his girlfriend and is trying to move on. But we don’t want to spoil the movie, so we won’t tell you what exactly happens.

All you need to know is that at the midpoint of the movie, Simon and a French prostitute, who became his new girlfriend, are having fun together. With no warning, she slowly slips her finger in her ass. You won’t see actually any hard scene, so it depends on you if you find it disturbing or not.


Stoker – Masturbation to Murder

Stoker is a weird movie, but a really good one. It presents a very mysterious man who arrives in a new family, changing its dynamic completely. It is a deep movie and you will see many symbols and subtexts in the story of a young girl, who suffered a lot in her life. She starts to discover a dark side that she never thought she has.

The disturbing scene in this movie is about the girl, who is assaulted by a young boy in the woods. Her uncle comes and kills him, and they bury the body together. This is not disturbing, but in the next moment you see the girl masturbating her uncle, the killer, in the shower.


The Act of Killing – The Realization

The Act Of Killing is a very popular movie, a documentary about Anwar Congo, who murdered millions of people. The thing is that this warlord was never convicted for his crimes. He is living a good life and he thinks everything he did was right. But then he decides to watch a movie about his own crimes. He appears as one of the victims, which has such a great impact on him that you won’t imagine. He finally understands he was committing mass crimes and he starts being upset about it. The movie is simple, but messed up. It is one of the most disturbing documentaries you will find. And definitely, you won’t forget it easily.


Evil Dead – The Tongue Cut in the Bathroom

Evil Dead is a great movie, one of the best remakes ever. They managed to do it better than the original. The film has many fans, and if you ask them about the most disturbing scene in the movie, you will get different opinions. However, most of the people consider the scene in the bathroom the most disturbing. The girl simply cuts her tongue down, right in the middle, using a razor. It is simply disturbing! The movie really deserves to be on this list; and this is a good thing.


Man of Steel – The Neck Snap

Maybe this scene from Man of Steel is not really disturbing, but it upset many fans. As a hero, Superman cannot simply break Zod’s neck. He cannot do it after half Metropolis was destroyed. He broke his own rules and turned himself into a monster. It is not a disturbing scene, but it disturbed fans because it changed everything we knew about Superman. From now on, in every Man of Steel movie, we will remember this scene.


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