When we think about home security the first thing that usually comes to mind is a high-tech alarm system, but what we fail to realize is that there are numerous small things that we can do to keep our home safe and secure at all times. 

Top 5 Home Security Issues

Burglary is defined as the illegal entry of a building with the intent to commit a crime. Your home is where you feel most secure, thus having your home burglarized can leave your family members and you with a bad feeling of vulnerability. Burglars and other intruders are basically opportunists, because they look for easy targets. Most thieves will not attempt to make an entry if the risk of being caught is too high. Unfortunately, our homes cannot be completely secure, but by taking some safety measures, we ensure that the risks are minimized. Don’t be a victim of home burglary, because improving the security of your house is really easier than you think. It’s all about finding the weak points of your residence, since they are the biggest problem. Here are ways to solve the top five home security problems.

#1 Alarms

It is a security system which can provide you with a peace of mind, especially when you’re away from home for some time. Just find the best companies in your area to provide you with an alarm system appropriate for your home. You have to activate it, otherwise they are useless. People who think it is inconvenient to install an alarm are the best targets for burglars. 


#2 Locks and Windows

Locks can’t be truly effective, regardless of their quality. A minimum-security solution is a key-in deadbolt lock. If your keys are stolen, take immediate action and change your locks! Also change them if you have moved into a new home. As for windows, most of them can be pinned for security. What you should do is drill a hole (3/16”) through the inside window, on a slight downward slant. Drill halfway into its outside frame, and secure the window by placing a nail into the hole.


#3 Set Up the Exterior

Thieves who target your home have to first get to it unnoticed, so you should make the situation more difficult for them. Trim shrubs and trees so the intruders can’t use them as their hiding places. Also, make sure that the door hinges are on the inside. Illuminate your yard by placing lights in strategic places, so there are less or no dark spots. For backyards, installing motion-sensitive lights is very much recommended.


#4 Garage Doors

Your garage door can be reinforced and secured with a few simple steps, thus preventing possible future burglaries. Replace the light fixture in front of your garage door with lights that have a built-in motion detector. Consider wrapping the lock with a metal lock reinforce, to prevent them from splitting. You can find great garage door opener reviews online, which can make the search for the right one much easier. If you can’t remember whether you turned on the closing timer or even closed the door yourself, you can do it remotely, anywhere from your house. Make sure you take it with you whenever you leave your car.


#5 Don’t Leave Valuables Outside

That is – don’t tempt the burglars. Always store bicycles, barbecues and lawn mowers out of sight. Use curtains on basement and garage windows, and never leave any “gone to the market” or any similar notes on your front door.

These are some security measures you should consider in order to lower the risk of home burglary. In case of a break-in, make sure that you don’t enter your house because the intruder may still be inside; instead, call the police instantly. If there are any suspicious vehicles around, write down license plate numbers; and don’t clean or touch anything before the law enforcement comes.

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