You don’t have to know many things about art, in order to know what you like. This old way of saying guided us in the realization of this top 12 best movie poster of 2013. You don’t have to look for specific things in a poster to decide to like it. A movie poster can simply stand out, or not.

In 2013, there were around two thousands poster released, between we had to choose only 12. So let’s see the best posters of the year and what made them be so special.

Top 12 Movie Posters of 2013



42 is a movie that presents the story of the baseball player Jackie Robinson, who became a legend. And the poster of the movie is great. It manages to transmit the energy from the baseball field. You will notice the blue Brooklyn Dodger font, which stands out on the clean white background. Robinson is sliding on the poster in an unusual position, on the side of the poster, reminding us how great he was on stealing bases.


The To-Do List

Hand drawn movie posters are pretty cool, and The To-Do List poster respects it as well. Cartoon style film posters have already a history in Hollywood, but not all of them are done in the right way. However, you will see the The To-Do List poster gives us enough information about the movie and a lot of details, without actually spoiling anything. Unfortunately we don’t know who created it, but he really needs to be congratulated for it.


Almost in Love

The oil-on-canvas feel that Almost in Love poster is cool and unique. Whoever created the poster, they did a great job and they choose the perfect colors to stand out and look good at the same time. The poster has a simple and clean look, which many other studios should try to get. It is so good it could be hanged in an art gallery. We want it on our walls!


Only God Forgives

The director of Only God Forgives, Nicolas Refn, was quite criticized for the movie, but the poster is really cool and we cannot ignore it. The brightly glowing neon transmits exactly the atmosphere from Bangkok, the place where the story is set. Neon signs can be kitschy, but if they are stylized in the right way, it can look amazing. The poster for Only God Forgives managed to do it and deserves a place in our list.


The Conjuring

Usually, horror movie posters are not quite attractive or interesting, but the poster of The Conjuring is beautiful, and still creepy. Just looking at this poster the fans will understand that bad things will happen in the house and that somebody hanged in that tree. Not all the time you need blood, monsters, saws or any other creepy things on a poster for a horror movie. You can see this is the perfect poster for a horror movie.


Pacific Rim

Guillermo del Toro’s movie, Pacific Rim, wasn’t such a great success as the producers expected, but the poster really got our attention. A robot monster on the poster made many fans excited. It manages to transmit exactly what is the film about and what to expect from it. The movie had several posters for promotion, but this one was the best. It was created by artist Sergio Grisanti.


You’re Next

This is an interesting poster for a horror movie. The poster for You’re Next doesn’t spoil anything, but the viewers can understand that there are three assailants and six victims. All nine are trapped in a house and there is also something with a fox mask. The creators were quite smart to place the plans of the house in the mask shape and attracted many people who became curious about the story.


Man of Steel

Man of Steel wasn’t the best movie with superheroes of the year, but everybody agrees the poster was really good. The poster keeps the things simple and clean, giving it a stylish look. The superhero is in the center of attention, showing his powers. It would have been looking even better without the text on it, only with the S, but we understand that for marketing reasons it is necessary.


Iron Man 3

The poster for Iron Man 3 gives you the same feeling with the poster from Man of Steel. Both heroes are streaking upward. The cool thing about this poster is that it doesn’t have so much text, which made us like more than the previous one. Even if the movie divided the fans in two groups, the ones who love it and the ones who hate it, the poster is a “hit”.


The Last Exorcism Part II

The poster of The Last Exorcist Part II is creepy enough by itself and it can give you nightmares. The creators of the posters wanted to show how terrific the movie is, and they managed to do it quite well. It is the total opposite of the horror poster for The Conjuring. The truth is present as it is. Do you dare to see a movie with such a poster?


World War Z

All the posters that promote apocalyptic or zombie-themed movies are full of fire, monsters, crashed buildings and so on. But not this one. The poster for World War Z doesn’t show us Brad Pitt fighting with a zombie, or the actor running away from a huge destruction behind him, but a hand. It really caught our attention, and it deserves to be the number 2 in the top. The creators of the posters tried to let us use our imagination to understand what the movie is about: destruction, mayhem, and zombies.


X-Men: Days of Future Past

The best poster of the year is definitely X-Men: Days of Future Past. Actually, X-Men posters are always great, and this one respects the tradition. It has an extraordinary look and every element of the poster is in the right place. The overlap may look seamless, but it creates the right story. It caught fans’ attention immediately and ours as well.


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