The following article will briefly explain the reasons and tips on importing vCard to Excel spreadsheet. And above all, here are some facts about the terms of vCard and Excel.

Tips to Export vCard to Excel with Accurate Contacts Details

In the current context, technology has changed the perspective of user behaviour immensely. Earlier nobody could even think about sending or receiving messages virtually, but technology has made it possible for us. The same thing applies to vCard, which is the virtual form of a visiting card and can be easily attached within the email messages and sent to the recipient. Almost all vCard files support the common file format .vcf.

Let’s Explore More About vCard and Excel Workbook

vCard is the electronic version of a business card. It’s a container for contacts information which includes name, address, email ID, job profile, URL, image, phone number and more. Developed by Internet Mail Consortium, the standard Internet Media type supported by a vCard is : text/vcard. The current edition of vCard in use is 4.0 though earlier editions--2.1 and 3.0--are still in use.

As businesses are getting more and more dependent upon electronic media for communication, vCards have replaced the visiting cards, which can be sent by attaching them to the email messages. Most of the email applications, digital devices and smartphones support vCards for saving their contact information.

MS Excel, developed by Microsoft, is a part of the MS Office Suite. It is an electronic spreadsheet program that is used to store and manage data in the form of tables. The Excel sheet consist of rows and columns; and their intersection point is called Cell. Apart from performing complex mathematical calculations, charts, Pivot tables, etc., Excel also provides the best platform for organizing data in tabular form.


Why Is It Important to Import vCard to Excel Spreadsheet?

Maintaining a database of contacts in Excel spreadsheet is the need of today for users, as they have to keep the record of their crucial contacts for future reference. As the number grows from hundreds to thousands, a deadlock situation comes where users neither delete them nor keep them, the only solution that remains with them is to backup them in some other application, like creating a database in Excel workbook that can be easily used when further requirement arises. Now the question that arises now is “How to import contacts from .vcf file to Excel” or “How to view vCard file in Excel”.


Guide to Import Multiple vCard Files to Excel

Now that you have decided to extract vCard file to Excel, the next step is to find out the correct procedure for doing this. Since there is no manual process for doing so, the only option left is using a third party utility that will not only export vCard to Excel but also maintain data integrity too.

vCard to Excel Converter is the utmost choice here as it has the capabilities to convert vCard to XLS file with 100% success: a reliable tool which converts every detail of the vCard file with complete precision; simple to use, which doesn’t require any special skills to operate it and can be used by even novice users without any efforts. Use the software and complete the conversion process in easy clicks:

  • Select vCard files/folder

  • Choose saving option as .xls

  • Convert vCard to Excel

Important Attributes of vCard to Excel Converter

  • Provision of selecting folder having vCard files allows multiple vcard files to be imported to excel at once in batch mode.

  • Supports to convert multiple entry vCards to XLS with accurate results.

  • All the contacts fields are saved in separate columns and every contact detail is saved in a new row, making it easy to manage and read contacts in Excel.

  • Converts vCard files of any email application, mobile devices, digital devices, iPhones, etc.

  • Compatible with all vCard (4.0, 3.0, 2.1), Excel (2016, 2013, 2010 etc.) and Windows (10, 8.1, 8, 7 etc.) editions.


vCard Converter is the ultimate solution to convert your unlimited vCard files to Excel spreadsheet. The software is a must for all users who want to export vCard to Excel as the software fulfils their task with utmost satisfaction and precision.

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