Both men and women speak without paying attention to their words but men do not seem to realize when they are jumping the gun. Women are wonderful and beautiful beings but their minds are complicated. This article will help every man know what should never be said to women in all situations.

Things a Man Should Never Say to a Woman


How many men have you slept with?

A woman should never ask a man how many women he has slept and neither should a man ask her about the men she has slept with. You really do not want to know the number. It will just change your perceptions of her. You will start doubting she has a problem if she slept with only a few or doubting she is too easy-going if she has slept with many.


Did you like that?

Do not ask this question right after sex. She will lie about it if she loves you even if that's the worst experience she has ever had. She may not fake groans and moans but will lie to your face with words.


I do not like your outfit

Men are always complaining or joking about how long women take to get ready. Women take their time to look good. Part of the time goes to selecting the right pair of shoes, outfits, nails, and hair color. A woman may not like the result even after taking so much time to prepare. Saying that you do not like her outfit shows that you do not care about the effort she put into it.


Have you gained some weight?

This is just one of the things a man should never say to a woman. Women do not like their men commenting about their weight. If she has gained weight, she already knows.


    I am not comfortable around your friends

    Your girlfriend will not tell you right out that she does not like your friends even if they make her uncomfortable. You may not like her circle of friends but you do not have to tell her unless they may ruin her life or your relationship.


    My ex-girlfriend used to turn me on like this. Can you try it?

    Every person has his or her own sexual fetishes and preferences. A man should not expect his new girlfriend to do the same moves in bed as his ex-girlfriend. Forcing your girlfriend to act like your ex just kills the mood and the new relationship.


    Are you dressed yet?

    Do not ask this question unless you want her to nag you all evening. Your girlfriend will always take long to get ready. Look for something to keep you busy as you wait for her and be patient. 


    Are you pregnant?

    You have to be really dumb to openly ask this question. Avoid it even if your girlfriend has mood swings, seems to have gained weight, or is having a bad day. The three words should never appear together in any of your sentences unless both of you are planning a pregnancy.


    You are just lazy

    A man who cares about his girlfriend should not even think of this unless he enjoys hearing her scream or wants to spend the rest of his life alone.

    More Things a Man Should Never Say to a Woman


    Never say “no” no matter what she asks. She only understands the word when she says it.


    Are you wearing that? -- Be prepared to wait for another hour as she looks for something else to wear.


    Never call her a bitch because she will never forget about it.


    Telling her to calm down has the opposite effect.


    Do not mention your ex under any circumstance even if you want to slam her. Your girlfriend wants you to forget all the women in your past.


    What happened to your hair? -- Even if she appears with a bald head, do not ask about her hair. Wait for it to grow back up.


    Can you pay the bill today? -- Stop being a cheap bastard and pay the bill!


    If she asks your opinion on something like the food she cooks or the movie she picks, never say you do not care or be half hearted, because doing that is like saying you are reluctant to contribute anything to the relationship.


    Do not tell her she looks tired even if she does. She does not want another person reminding her of the huge bags under her eyes.


    You remind me of my mother. -- Really, how old is your mother again? Always remember to add this to your list of things a man should never say to a woman.


    Are you going to eat that too? -- Yes, and I will feel nothing about it.


    You ask too many questions. -- Maybe that's because you did not answer them correctly and now she has to keep asking until you get it right.


    I do not trust anything you cook. -- Well, good for me I have more to eat.


    Are you on your period again? -- Prepare to sleep on the couch for days or even weeks!


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