There are movies that you less expect to have a dull ending, but it just did. Some movies from remarkable movie franchises often have a good story. However, there are instances that a well-known movie franchise that is highly anticipated to be a perfect movie just end up with a terrible ending. Below are some of the movies that are famous, yet having a bad ending.

10 Movies That Are Unexpectedly Having a Dull Ending


Pretty in Pink Slide

Pretty in Pink is a popular movie that is supposed to be loved by many viewers. Unfortunately, the movie got a terrible ending that anyone never expects. On its final cut, Andie went to a prom in a gruesome appearance that make her seemed look like an adorable duckie on a staircase.They make a walk into the prom as good friends. From making a glance on each other, they live happily ever after. The ending is too dull that seemed like a common ending available on kiddie books and fairytales. There is no twist made on the ending. It only makes the viewers a bit crazy. The movie is over and no can change its ending anymore. No wonder the film gets a lot of negative criticisms from viewers.


Return of Jedi

Star Wars is always been valued and loved by many fans. Before the movie was released, everybody is excited to see the new twists that it can offer to fans. Unfortunately, many fans are disappointed especially that the ending is quite out of sense. The ending goes with a celebration for the fall of the Empire, and Luke cremates the body of Anakin Skywalker which is contradicting from the original version where Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan and Yoda have shown their spirits at the end. Then, George Lucas decided to change out the version of Anakin by inserting images which is a very ridiculous move.


The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King Slide

The Lord of the Rings is one of the longest epic movie that is also has a bad ending or rather, it is a movie that has no ending. Many viewers are excited to see if there are some twist that could add up some colors on the movie. However, its ending is another disappointment that any viewer would rather spend all his whole day on the rest room rather than watching the movie.


The Philadelphia

For a typical love story, we always want a happy ending that may seem right for the characters. We have this sort of love triangle involving the character of Jimmy Stewart, Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant. Like how a love story should go, it swimmingly went to a romantic scenario where Cary and Katharine have a broken marriage, and then Katharine and Jimmy were enjoying a sweet romance.Then allof sudden, things changed. Katharine broke up her engagement with Jimmy and crashed their relationship and rejected Jimmy to be her husband. Instead, she chooses to live with Cary who has been cruel to Katharine through the whole movie. Isn’t it disgusting to have an ending such like that?



If there is the simplest ending that comes so weird and disgusting, it is the ending of Sign. Would you believe that a cup of water made the ending? A cup of water fell on the alien and killed it. Does it make a sense? Where is logic on that? There is no twist and it seems so dull. It is a big disappointment.


Cast Away

Every movie, we always look after the thrill within it. We want to find out some mysterious parts of the movie that may give it a twist. Unfortunately, you cannot find any element of thrill in the story. It ends up on a scene on an island without a dialogue and when the actor decided to return for civilization, he found out his family and friends already moved on without him. Worst, his girlfriend already married another man and decides to end up everything they have to focus on her new life. The ending is a big disappointment and the viewers would swear not to watch that kind of movie again.


Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

This is just a terrible ending that a famous movie ends disgusting all its viewers. The story ends up with the aliens as if the aliens are what make up the movie. It is nonsense. The ending is completely a crap.



It could be a great story with a shocking ending. From the movie started, it got a lot of twist. Sandra Bullock playing the major role does a great job. When she found out that her dreams are premonition, she tries to find an effective way to stop the untimely death of her husband not knowing that she will be the main cause of her husband’s death. It’s sad and ironic. It disappoints the viewers as they would prefer some other ending.


X-Men: The Last Stand

X-MEN series are legendary. Before the movie has been released, fans are craving to watch it not knowing that a big disappointment waits for them after watching the movie. From tough battles and super powers, would you believe that the X-Men team has been defeated at the ending? The ending contradicts to the original X-MEN Trilogy and nobody wants an ending with the superheroes knock out by their enemies. It seems like an unreasonable ending for a popular movie.


The Mist

This movie simply has crazy ending. Yes. It is crazy. Nobody gets happy with the movie’s ending where the main character gives up and shoots his own son, then decided to kill himself. It’s terrible right? Well, even if the main character kill himself, a sad twist was included on the ending that if they all waited a short while, they could all survive. It’s a sad ending but somehow, it can be accepted. The ending gives a little thought that deals with attitude. The ending portrays the significance of hope and patience that could have save them all.


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