There have been several hit movies that are being produced and goes several remakes as time goes along. Probably, it is due to the reason that the movie achieves great success and the audiences may have been requesting for more. There are also movie franchises and remakes that are set for production in a couple of years and that should be made and done in time. However, there are movies that need big budgets and time to have a remake. It is also not easy to remake a movie as there are lots of considerations that the producers and directorsmust consider. Aside from budget and settings, the most important factor that should be given attention is the characters.

Every movie character plays a very important role in the success of the movie launching. Sometimes, characters played by actors are also the hardest part for the remake process. It also contributes to how much budget should be given on the film that is why, recasting is a big necessity. However, there are some iconic roles that are not good to be replaced as movie outputs may not come great if played by someone else. Such movie roles include the following:

The Most Remarkable Movie Roles That Are Hard to Recast


Batman (Bruce Wayne) Played By Christian Bale

In the last 24 years, the role of Batman has already taken several recasts for about four times now. Christian Bales is one of the best actors that played the role of Bruce Wayne (Batman) who does a very good job. The remake of Batman on his representation is the most successful Batman movie that is ever produced, which makes it hard to replace him with a new actor. Well, if someone got to replace him, the new Batman actor should look great and must perform well as how Bale made a good job. If that will be the case, it will be a big pressure for the new actor.


James Bond Played By Daniel Craig

The role of James Bond is one of the most iconic roles that also havetaken several recasts like Batman. “Skyfall is its most successful franchise movie that is played by Daniel Craig. With its great success, Craig obviously did a good job. He is contracted for another two more years of Bond movies that would give him five marks for James Bond movies. As Craig made a good job on his own, his name will always be remembered especially that he brought the legendary role at the top of success in both financial and performance matters. Thus, whoever takes place on the role after him should do his best to get into same level or beyond how Craig carries the movie through.


Bruce Willis’ John McClane

“Die Hard” is one of the movies that garnered success from the series of action movies featuring the lead of popular actors and actresses. Bruce Willis, playing the role of John McClane, made a good upshot and turned action movie lovers’ table down on the movie’s early releases. However, as the last installment of Die Hard franchise slows a bit, 21st Century may replace Willis and restart the franchise to give a new start. Perhaps, directors may pull out Die Hard from the movie history to revise it into a modernize remake movie with a younger John McClane of course. However, the new and younger actor will surely find it hard to perform as how Willis gave his best on the movie. Furthermore, it’s only the voice of Willis that is capable of promoting the famous line, “Yippee ki yay.”


Start Wars – Princess Leia Played By Carrie Fisher

Star Wars is always a favorite movie of all time. Since the movie’s first release, Disney have gained its best output making the movie a great piece for remake every year. There have been several significant roles in the movie that are really hard to replace with a new cast. Carrie Fisher played the role of Princess Leia and was able to present her best performance on the movie and made her role remarkable on Star Wars history. Lately, rumors came out that there will be a twist on Star War’s next series, the Episode VII. Princess Leia’s role is figured to be one of the characters that will be included for recasting. Though Fisher is willing to reprise her role, Disney will surely find a hard time finding a younger Princess Leila who is capable of making a good job just as how Fisher did on the previous movie versions.


The Joker Role Played By Heath Ledger

Frequently, it is the main character that is hard to replace for recasting. However, the role of Joker in the Batman movie series is a very significant character that put up a mark of twist in each Batman story. The role is played by Heath Ledger and has successfully portrayed a character that is hard to forget. Although the role is just a supporting character, it comes with great impact just as like the main character. Ledger is just a successor of the role from which he is recasting Jack Nicholson from 1989’s Batman movie. After recasting the role, he made it big portrait that penetrates deeply on the industry giving him chances of winning an Oscar and other prominent awards. Thus, if someone got to recast Ledger, the new actor will shoulder great responsibility and he must be able to stand on every pressure with great outcomes.


Ripley Played By Sigourney Weaver

It is very rare on the movie industry to have female roles that hit the market and becomes iconic. If someone did, she must be a great performer, a one of a kind. Sigourney Weaver is just few of the actresses who are given chances to acquire a lead role in the Alien franchise movie and was able to build a good name through her best performance in an original alien film. The success of the movie opens doors in rebooting the movie. With time, there would be a need of a new name to portray the character of Ripley on the recast and it is not going to be easy for the new performer as she would need to get into the level on how Weaver made a relic on her role.


Wolverine Played By Hugh Jackman

If everybody won’t undergo aging, Hugh Jackman will always be Wolverine. For more than a decade now, Jackman is holding the role of Wolverine from its early series. This makes it hard to replace him, but time will come that a need of a younger replacement for the Wolverine role will take over Jackman’s claws. If that will happen, the actor to take the role will have a hard time to prove his guts as the new Wolverine not unless he is really good enough. The fact that Jackman’s name is carved in the character of Wolverine. It may take time for the viewers to accept the new face of the world-renowned character.


Harry Potter Played By Daniel Radcliffe

Harry Potter has hooked both readers and viewers in all its series. There is no doubt that it is among the movies that become a box office hit worldwide. Daniel Radcliffe, for a rare case, has been the only one playing the role of Harry Potter. In fact, because of the movie, the global audience was able to witness how he grown up from a little child character into a gentleman. For long years, he played the little Harry Potter up to the current, which give him a strong bond on the character making it hard to replace him with a new one. Aside from that, Radcliffe had done his best to win the hearts of the viewers making him the best character to play Harry Potter. If there will be a recasting on his role, it may show up a different effect on all Harry Potter fans.


Tony Stark (Iron Man) Played By Robert Downey Jr

Iron Man along with the other superhero movies, are claims a great movie hit that impresses the global audience. With Robert Downey Jr. playing the role of Iron Man, he was able to give out his ultimate performance, which made him a popular icon for the character that overshadowed Spiderman and other super heroes. Downy got the confidence, hysterical intelligence and the charm that made him the best to fit the character that seemed like no can ever be more suitable for the role than him that makes it hard for producers to look for someone to replace him if the movie needs recasting.


Star Wars’ Han Solo Played By Harrison Ford

Han Solo is one of the most significant characters in Star Wars and Harrison Ford did a good job in playing the role and made it iconic. Though recasting his role has already been tested on prequels, it simply creates an impact on the fans. Probably because, they are used of the original casting and it feels new to see a character you have long been following into a new face.For long years, Star Wars always hit the audience with an impressive movie story that goes through several remakes. Everybody loves Star Wars, as well as the characters playing behind it. But in some cases, viewers look after the twist in the story and not with how recasting works for it to hit the market.


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