We people have lots of confusions. Here I have compiled a list of star wars rumors that people think are true. Let us browse through the list.

The Most Bizarre Star Wars Rumors That People Think Are True, But Are They?


Christopher Walken Will Take the Role of Darth Bane

Darth Bane is the Dark Lord of the rebels called the Sith that starts a revelation of events that have very quantitative consequences in the following series of events that follow the story plot.But there are a lot of movies out there in the world, so he eventually got a few roles in one of them. There was actually a tale that was saying that Christopher was attached in the Star Wars Episode II series.

The character of Darth Bane needed to be played by a bold and energetic actor, with that huge piece of mystery. All of which Christopher was not suited for.


Jet Li Gets the Boba Fett Part

Many false rumors had gone around in different media channels saying that the action packed hero Jet Li was going for the part of Boba Fett. The martial art actor was approached by the media concerning that rumor and he said he had no such thing put into planning. This issue was treated as nothing more but a careless misinterpretation by the media to raise their viewers’ ratings. Boba Fett is a special character on his own and the likelihood that Jet Li is to play that part is high. However, the directors have put up a list of convenient actors for the part.


Mick Jagger Would Compose the Musicfor Empire Strikes Back

Mick Jagger, the lead vocalist of the famous band Rolling Stoneshad been placed in some hefty controversial information. Word had leaked out that he was allegedly going to compose the Star War’s Empire Strikes Back. Being a singer, songwriter, and actor, the talk in the media was that he was being groomed to replace music composer John Williams who had even won an Academy Award for his work in Star Wars. However, the Lucas Film Company was not quick to disengage the false rumors, but enjoying the splendor it had created with the fans.

Only a spokesman to the company came out to solve the issue saying that John Williams was not being replaced by Mick Jagger. Since the work of Williams came out just fine, it makes us wonder how Jagger’s work would have been.


Han Solo Was Anticipated To Die In The Empire Strikes Back

The famous and one of the most influential character of the Star Wars series Han Solo proved to be the link between the franchise and the fans. After the release of the star wars empire strikes back trailer in 1980, a lot of fans speculate that the plot of the film was being directed towards killing the star actor. This rumor just started as a joke but soon the diehard fans took is seriously that it blew out of proportion.

Fans were sending Lucas Film Company letters saying that they would leave the franchise if their favorite character was eradicated. The fans loved the chemistry between Han and the Princess which they also speculated to continue all through the series and even outside of work. This aspect was really driving them crazy. They cries were heard and Han Solo is still alive and well adored by his wonderful fans.


Orson Welles Will Act as the Emperor

After Star Wars’- A New Hope was played, there was evidence that an emperor existed and the fans went wild with speculation as to who would be given the mysterious part. This caused Lucas Film to dance with the excitement that had been created by fans even in the Starlog fans’ website. The emperor did not show up even during the emperor strikes back. We only got a glimpse of him in the following movie Return of The Jedi. This made the speculation and anxiety grow even wilder. Many of us thought that the company would throw in a big star such as Orson Welles for the part, but Ian MacDiarmid was chosen instead. This came as a shock to many as by then he was much of an unknown actor, but he did a splendid job in the role. The


General Grievous Would Be Played by John Rhys – Davies

General Grievous’s part was being played by Gary Oldman. After some union issues on his voice work, he was forced to evacuate the position. This left the whole franchise in utter suspense as to who would be the next General Grievous. Speculations ran wild and all media outlets had their own solution as to whom would be the best actor for the job. This threw the whole situation out of control making Lucas Film take an unexpected turn. General Grievous’s part was voiced by Matthew Wood who was a sound engineer, and whom no one would have ever guessed.


Natalie Portman Would Get Naked for the Phantom Menace

Before The Phantom Menace was released in 1999, fans of the Star Wars franchise after seeing the trailer were convinced that they would see the young actress naked. This was a bit over exaggerated since the young aspiring actress was not even eighteen years by the time. So after its release in 1999, the anticipated fans were disappointed which was expected. The Star Wars franchise was rated as a family friendly film and the idea of having nude scenes was bizarre.


Colin Trevorrow Would Direct Star Wars Episode VII

Mr. Trevorrow on a media interview said that he was planning to start off a huge franchise that would revolutionize the film industry. The people of the world quickly jumped into conclusion that the franchise was Star Wars. However, it ended up to be Jurassic Park which he was talking about. Mr. JJ Abrams was the one who was hired to direct the Star Wars Episode VII series instead.


Han Solo and Darth Vader Would Become One

Before the release of the empire strikes back movie, the fans had decided to speculate that their favorite characters would somehow come together and join forces. Han Solo and Darth Vader were the victims of these accusations and after the release of the film, it was clear that that was not going to happen any time in the future.


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