“It must be nice not to work!”

I’m still astounded when I get that response from someone when I tell them what I do for a living. True, as a freelance writer the longest commute I usually make is from my living room to my office down the hall. No, I don’t hold a traditional go-to-work-bust-my-butt job. But the assumption that I don’t “work” is just wrong.

Freelance writing is work, demanding work filled with deadlines that must be met, clients’ expectations to fulfill, and your own high standards to meet. It is work which I must search for, the work I generate on my own, and the work that I need to create relationships with strangers and transform them into happy clients. I am my own marketing department. Freelancing jobs orbit around the stress of fluctuating paychecks and no company benefits.

Being a freelancer is work, hard work, and there is no guarantee that you’ll be successful in the long run. But would I give it up for a traditional 9-5 job? No way. I spent years slaving away at “real jobs” only to wind up getting laid off, or the business failed or moved out of state. I was always susceptible to the whims of corporate America. So, what else about freelance writer jobs?

The Thing About Freelance Writing

If you’ve ever dreamt of being a freelancer, of finding online jobs from home, and establishing your independence from stifling traditional jobs, freelancing could be a viable option. Freelance writer jobs can be found at numerous websites, just like enkivillage as you can tell which I’m working with for over 6 months now. Yes, you’ll still have to work, but you’ll do it your way, at your pace. Take my word for it: the freelance life is sweet and if others look at you with envious eyes, that’s their problem.

But, is being a freelance writer an easy way to earn money? Well, it depends. Is it the most satisfying work I’ve ever done? Absolutely. The rewards of being in charge of my own destiny surpass any benefits provided to me from a high pressure, employee cloning corporation. The freedom to be my own boss, to do something I love, to design my work schedule around my life instead of my life around my job, is priceless.

Then is it easy to get online jobs from home? Paid online jobs are not always easy to come by. It is often feast or famine. Either you can’t seem to land a job or you get offered several projects simultaneously. Success requires perseverance, determination, and most importantly, follow through. Meeting promised deadlines and delivering quality work is critical. To maintain longevity and a livable income with freelancing jobs you must build your reputation and create a list of satisfied clients. That involves hard work and lots of it.

Benefits of Being a Freelance Writer

I started my career as a freelancer because I was sick of putting my destiny in the hands of others. I wanted to stop being dependent on employers, to take control of my own livelihood… and that is exactly what I have done. Yes, there are negatives, but in my eyes the positives far outweigh them. Here are some of the benefits I enjoy from being self-employed.

I’m My Own Boss and Set My Own Hours

I don’t have someone telling me when I can go to lunch or what hours I must work. I make my own decisions about days off, vacations, or when to go to the doctor, get a haircut, or see my kids play in a ballgame. I can make or take a personal phone call whenever I want. I don’t have to punch a clock or be in a set location for a set number of hours every day. No more cubicles for me. If I want, I pick up my laptop and take my work with me to a park or the beach. I don’t worry about downsizing, outsourcing, unemployment, or competing for the next promotion.


Variety Is the Spice of My Life

Do you ever get sick of doing the same thing over and over again every day? I don’t. Each day is new and different. When I’m looking for freelancing jobs, I can choose a topic I’m familiar with and interested in or I can find something fresh and new. I always tell people that freelance writing is the perfect job for someone like me - someone who never quite decided what they want to be when they grow up. As a freelance writer, I get to explore a myriad of subjects. I’ve written articles on everything from aromatherapy to zip lines. One day I’m writing serious, heavily researched academic articles, the next I’m deep into creating romantic fiction novellas. No monotony here.


No Need to Dress for Success

I wear what I want when I work. Yes, when I go out to do an interview, I still wear business clothes, but normally you’ll find me in a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, barefoot, in front of my computer. I don’t worry about dress codes or spending money on styles suitable for an office. When you do online jobs from home, you dress for comfort which in my case means no bra and no shoes.


The Ability to Multitask

Online jobs from home give you the freedom to multitask. I may be doing laundry while I’m writing an article, or dinner is simmering while I search for freelance writer jobs online. I’m home to let the dog in and out, meet the cable guy, and greet the kids when they arrive from school.


No Office Politics or Annoying Coworkers

Online jobs from home allow you to work in comfortable surroundings without dealing with office gossips or brownnosers. You don’t have to put up with anyone stealing credit for your ideas or not carrying their share of the load. The most troublesome thing you have to deal with from those who share your office is a cat who wants to nap on your keyboard.


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