How to say thank you can be an easy but difficult thing. Yet, people almost say thank you everyday. This article lists various thank your quotes that you will frequently use in everyday life.

Thank You Quotes for Gifts

By some means, you knew exactly what I needed especially in times that I do not even know what I needed. You are truly an amazing gift giver.

You are a great blessing from the Lord. I may not express clearly how much you have helped me lately. I really do not know what will happen to me if you are not around. I feel so blessed.

You had given me a great surprise when I opened my gift. I just could not believe that I had received such an amazing gift. It was really a great surprise.

I am sending you my gratitude for guiding me when I truly needed help. You had helped me in many ways. Thank you.

You made my day a great one when I opened your gift/card. It is truly a fun gift. Thank you making my day extra wonderful.

I feel so special when I received your gift. I knew that you have given so much effort and energy to make it great. Thank you for making my day special.

Thank you for sending an important gift. Now, I am relieved and I knew that I would not have to worry anymore. Thank you so much.

I can only describe your gift in one word: Perfect! It was a perfect gift for me. I am so grateful that you know me really well.

Thank You Quotes for Help

  • Thank you so much for helping with the lawn stuff during Kevin's staying in hospital. I just cannot imagine how the things would be without your help.

  • Great hug-filled, heartfelt thanks for my dear friend sharing burden and laughter with me. You are such a forever-caring friend that I'll cherish forever.

  • Things get much harder to maintain the volunteers we need recently. But you spare your precious time to participate. Words just cannot express my thanks for your support, especially when considering your busier schedule year by year.

  • I must tell you how much I was moved by your kindness and meals that was brought during Shirley's bed rest. Please accept our everlasting gratitude to you.

Funny Thank You Quotes

  • Sending gift like the one you sent me is illegal. I should place you under arrest for your excessive generosity.

  • I am not sure what you were thinking when you send me the gift. You may be dumb, crazy or just simply generous to do that. Honestly, I do not perceived you as dumb or crazy; so it means that you are generous. Thank you.

  • You are such a great person I've ever known; as a comparison, I'm a jerk. You just make my simile muscles a busy day. Thank you for all you did for me, really.

Note: If you share a close relationship with the recipient, and you would like to joke around with each other, then it’s fine to sprinkle in a little humor when saying thanks. On the country, these quotes should be avoided when you write to someone unfamiliar or in formal note, such as a wedding thank you note.


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