The day your baby boy arrives in this world, your first responsibility as a parent is to find a name for your boy. Like all parents, you will want your boy to have a name that is aesthetically pleasing and has a strong meaning. Finding a name from the web is a very strenuous task. If you want a name for your boy that reflects a strong character, which will make all other boys at school hesitate to tease him, you should read this post. We have chosen strong and powerful baby names from all the corners of the world and listed them in this post.

Strong Boy Names


1. Aaron: It means 'mountain of strength'.

2. Amell: The meaning of this name is ‘power of eagle’. This is one of the names that can have a strong impact.

3. Andreas: Andreas as a name is the variation for Andrew and is present in the New Testament of the Bible. The meaning of this name is ‘strong and manly’. Andreas Feininger who is a famous photographer is a namesake.

4. Andrew: It means ‘strong and manly’. Andy or Drew can be good nicknames for this name. It is a classic name.

5. Angus: The meaning of this name is ‘one-strength’. It is originally a Scottish name but now it is considered hip in America.

6. Arnold: The name Arnold instantly reminds one of Arnold Schwarzenegger and his strong personality. This name was introduced by the Normans as Arnaud in UK. Arnold Schoenberg the famous novelist is also a namesake. Arnold is one of the common strong boy names.

7. Arsenio: It is a name with origins in Spain meaning ‘virile and strong’.

8. Azai: It is a Hebrew name meaning ‘strength’.

9. Azeil: It is a Hebrew name meaning ‘God is my power’ and it was a common name in Israel during the Middle Ages.

10. Barett: It means ‘bear strength’. It is a pleasing name and you can use this name for your baby girl too. It is famously associated with Elizabeth Barrett Browning, the literary figure.

11. Bernard: The meaning of this name is ‘bear strength’. It is the name of the saint St. Bernard who once lived in the Alps.

12. Boris: It is a Russian name meaning “fight, fighter”.

13. Denzell: It is an old Cornish name which means ‘strong’. The name got famous because of Denzel Washington, an actor who was named after his physician who did his delivery.

14. Edric: It is an English origin name meaning ‘power and good fortune’.

15. Ethan: The meaning of this name is ‘firm and strong’. The name is basically from Wales and England and sounds like royalty. It is a favorite boy name as it sounds cheerful. The name gained popularity after Tom Cruise’s character was named Ethan in ‘Mission Impossible’ movie.

16. Everett: It is a bold and trendy name meaning 'wild boar', or 'strong'.

17. Ezekiel: The meaning of the word is ‘God strengthens’. The shorter version of this name is Zeke; however, it is more powerful when used as Ezekiel. It is a biblical name.

18. Gabriel: It is a popular biblical name meaning ‘God is my strength.’ It is the name of the angel who heralded the birth of Jesus Christ.

19. Garrett: It was once a very popular name of Irish origin. It is a variation of Gerard which means ‘spear strength’.

20. Griffin: The meaning of this name is ‘strong lord’. It is the name of a mythological creature that has a body that is half lion and half eagle. Griffin is one of the effective strong boy names.

21. Guy: It means 'warrior'.

22. Herbert (Herbie): It is a German name, meaning 'illustrious warrior'.

23. Imre: It is a Hungarian name, meaning ‘strength’.

24. Jedrek (Jed): It is an unusual name, meaning 'strong and manly'.

25. Jerry: Jerry means 'brave spearman' and it is not a popular name these days.

26. Kalmin: It is a unique name meaning 'manly and strong'.

27. Kano: It is a Japanese name, meaning capability or masculine power.

28. Kawan: This name means strong. It is a famous Korean name.

29. Kenzo: The meaning of this name is ‘strong and healthy’. Kenzo Takada, the famous architect, Kenzo, the fashion designer and Kenzo Okada, the painter are namesakes.

30. Leonardo: The name means ‘brave lion’. It signifies a strong character that has sweet vibes.

31. Liam: It is an Irish name meaning 'strong-willed warrior'.

32. Malin: It means ‘strong little warrior’. It is not a commonly used name.

33. Maoz: The meaning of this name is strength. It is a Jewish name given to boys who are born during Hanukkah.

34. Maximus (Max): It is one of the classic strong boy names meaning “greatest”.

35. Maynard: This is a German name, meaning 'brave, hardy and strong'. Pronouncing this name as May-nerd will spoil the name, so please learn to pronounce it well.

36. Morgan: It means “sea warrior”.

37. Oscar: It means “divine strength.

38. Oswald: The meaning of this name is ‘divine power’.

39. Owen: It is a popular Welsh name, meaning 'young warrior, noble'.

40. Oz: The meaning of this name is power and strength. It is derived from Ozni in the Bible, the name of Jacob’s grandson.

41. Phoenix: It is the name of the bird born out of its own ashes. It signifies renewal and persistence.

42. Rinaldo: It is popular in the US since the 1930s. It means ‘counsel power’. It is derived from the Italian name Reginald.

43. Ryker: It is a Danish name, meaning superior strength.

44. Swithun: It means quick strength. The name is associated with St. Swithin who was good at weather prediction.

45. Takio: It is one of the Japanese strong boy names, which means ‘strong as bamboo’.

46. Thor: It means ‘thunderous’ and it will give your boy’s personality much strength.

47. Tiger: It means 'powerful and energetic'.

48. Valentine: It is an attractive strong boy name with a romantic shade to it. It instantly reminds us of the Valentine’s Day. The meaning of this name is ‘strong’.

49. Valerio: The meaning of Valerio is valor. The ‘o’ adds a macho shade to the name.

50. Zale: It is a Greek name, meaning ‘sea strength’.


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