If you want to get nice slim and lean legs you have to be willing to go past the simple skinny legs workouts, and instead start a routine that will enable you to lose fat, tone your muscles and make your legs flexible. For a woman to get skinny legs, her body fat content should be around 18%. When it comes to the thighs, more so the inner thighs, achieving a combination of thinner, leaner, and tighter as well as cellulite free thighs, you are required to reduce your overall body fat by exercising, proper diet as well as being consistent.

How to Slim Down Legs Fast


Nutrition Plan for Skinny Legs and Thighs

  • Eat foods rich in protein. Proteins are useful when it comes to toning muscle and they are also filling. Ensure that you have chicken, fish as well as turkey in your plan.

  • Increase the amount of vegetables and fruits. They help decrease the amount of fat that is stored in your body by providing nutritional fiber.

  • Increase your water intake. Make sure that you take at least 8-10 glasses of water daily. Water will ensure that all toxins are flushed out of your body and keep your skin smooth, moisturized and radiant throughout the summer.

  • Reduce the amount of salty foods. Such foods hinder your skin from staying moisturized.

  • Stay away from sugary and fatty foods. These kinds of foods contain a lot of calories that do not give your body energy instead they are stored in the legs as fat.

  • To get skinny legs also consider having a low carb diet.

  • Eat small meals frequently as well.


Cardiovascular Exercise for Skinny Legs and Thighs

Intensity: You should try doing cardiovascular exercises for 5 days in a week. The exercise routine should have moderate intensity aerobics for 30-45 minutes accompanied by interval training that you can switch between days. If your legs are already muscular, do not do any interval training. Instead, focus on the cardiovascular exercises. This will shed the fat and reduce the leg muscle enough for you to get smaller and leaner legs.

When selecting your routine pick the one that involves your legs directly. Some skinny legs exercises include: spinning and aerobic classes, using the step machine, in-line skating, jogging and power walks. If your routine already involves the skinny leg workouts, you can increase the intervals as well as the intensity.

For those who like using an elliptical trainer in order to shed fat, you should be careful to use it correctly lest you end up having very large thigh muscles. When using it, stick your bum outwards as much as possible and sit back on your heels. In this posture, you will shift focus from your quadriceps to your bum, hamstring muscles and the outer thigh.


Pilates for Skinny Legs and Thighs

Pilates are perfect skinny leg workouts as they build up lean muscle in the leg area. Though Pilates do not shed as many calories as cycling would, but they are much easier to do. You can buy a DVD that will guide you do them effectively. Here’s one routine recommended for both toning legs and to firm butts:


Leg Raise and Rolls

Leg rolls are very effective leg workouts that can be done at home. To do them well, you should lie on your right and use your left arm for support by placing it in front of you. Rise to your hip level using your left leg. Imagine your leg is inside a barrel and use your toes to trace the circumference of the barrel. This motion should allow your leg to move upwards, downwards and in circles. Make 80 of these circles then switch to the other leg and do the same.



Squats are considerably the most common and standard skinny leg workout. There are different styles of doing squats, but the standard way involves standing with your feet apart at shoulder-length. Move you bum downwards slowly, as low as you can. Ensure that your arms are stretched out forward and make a minor arch on your back. When at the lowest position, breathe out and slowly move upwards to an upright standing position. 3 sets of 20 squats will get you well toned skinny legs.


Crescent Kicks

To do effective crescent kicks, stand with your feet apart at hip width. Relax your hands on your sides and focus right ahead. Stepping on your right foot, brush forwards off the ground using your left leg creating a big circular movement from right to left. Step on your left leg and repeat the procedure. These kicks will help you achieve skinny inner thighs because of the circular motion as well as stretching the respective thigh muscle. You can also hold and stretch out your arms at the shoulder level.


Inner Thigh Attitude Pulse

Standing on your right leg, lift the left leg a few inches above the floor and bend it at the knee. Turn the bend on your knee to the side. Move the left heel upwards bringing your leg across your body from the front such that the left knee is past the right leg. Lower your left leg back to the floor then lift it as high as you can maintain your heel upwards. Do this repeatedly for 15 minutes for each leg.


Towel Squeeze Bridge Routine

Lie on the floor facing the ceiling with your knees bent. Relax your arms on your sides and have a folded hand towel in between your knees. Squeeze your knees into the towel until you feel the tension in your inner thighs. Lift your hips above the floor as high as possible and hold them in that position for two counts then release them. Do this 15 times.



For lunges to be effective, do them 3 times a week for one month. Standing with your legs apart at hip-width, use your right leg to step forward. Bend your knee so that your weight shifts forward. Maintain the right knee above the ankle. Your right foot to get you back to the initial position by pushing back. If you have a problem with your knees, instead of stepping forward step backwards. To increase resistance hold a dumbbell in both hands.


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