You’ve been with her for a long time now, and things have been good, relatively speaking of course. But you have always had this nagging feeling at the back of your mind, telling you that she’s not the one for you. You always ignore it, but now, you feel like there might be more to it than meeting the eye. The only problem is – whether you have actual doubts about her and this relationship or you are all just imagining it in your head?

Signs She's Not the One

Sometimes when a relationship loses its spark, things change. But that doesn’t mean she’s not the one for you – it just means that your relationship has matured. If however you feel that more than 3 of the following signs apply to you, you might have to rethink your relationship with your girl.

You can’t remember the last time you two talked for hours

And I don’t mean any deep, thought provoking or philosophical talks. Nah. When was the last time you two just talked about random things for hours without getting bored or feeling suffocated? Or without checking your phones constantly? Any couple should feel free enough with each other to talk just about any topic under the sun. And if this doesn’t apply to you, then something is amiss.


She thinks you’re her everything

I get it. The fact that she puts you on a pedestal and worships the ground you walk on can be a massive boost of ego for you. But guess what? It’s terribly unhealthy to be in a relationship with someone who thinks you can do no wrong. Because believe me, a day will come when you do something wrong. And when that happens, you will fall so low from her eyes that it would be impossible for you to get back in her good graces without having your image permanently tarnished. Plus, isn’t it tough for you to maintain a façade of perfection when you’re around her?


Your relationship isn’t much beyond fun

When you grow old and her look withers, what would you be left with? The attraction would fade; you would be too old to be going out on adventures, which means you would just be stuck at home with her. And does that thought make you happy or make you feel disgusted? If it’s the latter, then it’s one of the most obvious signs she’s not the one for you.


Lots of compromises have been made

But unfortunately, most of them have been made by you. I mean sure, keeping the toilet seat down, taking out the trash every Saturday and stuff like that are minor issues. But if you feel you’ve become an entirely different person ever since you got into this relationship with her, then you have a lot of thinking to do. Because if you’re not happy with the new you, there’s no point in being with someone who transforms you like this, right?


You don't smile when…

She randomly pops up in your head. I mean obviously, you’re not gonna feel happy every time you think of her, but come on! If her face only reminds you of the fights you had, the work you didn’t do, the mistakes you made or how she’s gonna react over that one thing….. then something’s wrong. Because most of the time, you should feel happy and thankful to have her in your life if she's your soulmate. If you’re missing that feeling, then it’s time to introspect.


She’s more of an achievement

Than someone you truly love. This is one of the biggest signs she’s not the one for you. Or frankly speaking, she deserves better than you. She’s hot and pretty and you love parading your arm candy in front of your friends and you feel proud to have her. But for you, she’s nothing but a way of stroking your ego, not love.


She is seldom there for you when you need her

Maybe it’s because she’s selfish, maybe because you aren’t that important to her, or maybe because she’s too freaking busy with her life. Whatever the reason is, she cannot use it as an excuse to not be there for you when you need her. If she hangs out with you only when it’s convenient for her (i.e. when you’re the one paying) and disappears when you really need her, then it’s time to dump her, bro.


You don’t open up to her any more

Or she stops opening up to you. Either way, this hesitation or lack of trust hints at deeper problems lying in your relationship. It’s time to pull up your bootstraps and have a heart to heart talk about why she or you stop sharing problems and good things. And if the talk turns out badly and it feels that the relationship is beyond repair, then you know she's not your princess.


More signs she's not the one

  • You find yourself thinking about other women even when you are around her.

  • When thinking about settling down with her, you creep out.

  • Contacts are always initiated by you.

  • Your friends and family do not like her.

  • Sex is not passionate, but like a routine thing.

  • You feel nothing or worse relieved when you say goodbye to her or drop her off at her door.

  • She is always critical about you even if you put lots of efforts to please her or make her life more comfortable.

  • You are not on the same page about your current relationship and you two diverge when it comes to the vision for your future.

  • You just can’t trust your partner even if you try to.

  • You find there are unbearable things on your partner and you always want to change her, or vice versa.


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